5 Things Your Jeweler Doesn’t Want You to Know About Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Are you shopping for an engagement ring? Congratulations! Getting ready to propose is an exciting time in your life. Finding the perfect engagement ring is an experience of a lifetime.  Whether you consider yourself a diamond expert or are new to the jewelry game, there are many things your average jeweler doesn’t want you to know.

To help you stay ahead of the game, check out these 5 tips to help you succeed (and enjoy) engagement ring shopping!

1. You, me, & the 4’cs

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One thing you will see a lot of when researching diamonds are “The 4 C’s”. The 4 C’s are color, cut, clarity, and carat. Like a snowflake, each diamond is unique. Therefore, gemologists use these 4 aspects to help define the value of an individual diamond.

Read a 2-minute overview of the 4 C’s here 

Now that you have read about the 4c’s, you feel like an expert, right?!

No worries, any good jeweler will take the time to explain each of the 4 C’s to make sure you understand exactly what you are selecting, so that you can shop with confidence – if you feel rushed or pressured, that place is not a good fit for you.

Because our staff is full of GIA certified gemologists that simply love diamonds, please feel comfortable asking all questions you have (but don’t be surprised if our staff geeks out when your diamond has a special cut or extra sparkle!) Our staff wouldn’t say they are diamond nerds… but I would.

2. Diamonds aren’t the only stone you can use in your engagement ring

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There are many precious, natural stones that make gorgeous engagement rings; sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more. Talk with your fiancé about these alternative options to diamonds.

If you still want a diamond center, there are other ways to incorporate colored stones. Create a halo or pavé set colored stones around the band. Both are great options for that splash of color.

While colored stones can be trendy, a diamond is likely going to be timeless and classic. Diamonds are also the most durable and hardest of the natural stones. Don’t be afraid to do what is right for you and your fiancé. 


Want to know a secret? This ain’t your grandad’s old fashion jewelry shop. We absolutely LOVE when couples shop together for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

About 7 out of 10 of our couples shop together for their engagement ring.

Shopping as a couple for an engagement ring not only relieves stress, but it’s fun! For example, at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, you will be treated to complimentary drinks while you shop (speaking of stress relief). Let your partner guide you to the rings they like. We guarantee you will leave with 2-3 options you know they will love.

What about the element of surprise? Well, here is the best part… we can keep a wish list of items your future fiancé loved. This way, once you are ready, we are too.

Read more about the perks of shopping for an engagement ring as a couple.

4. You shouldn’t feel pressured

Getting married is a big step forward in a relationship. The last thing you need is a salesy-salesman pressuring you to buy. Asking for a “deposit” to view a diamond, pushing one particular setting/stone, and not offering transparent diamond education are all sales tactics leveraged in many jewelry stores (even in Cincinnati!)

While you may still have a few nerves, you should never feel pressure to buy. As you begin to work with your associate, you should feel comfortable asking questions, touching the diamonds, trying on settings, and more.

Trust your gut in shopping situations – If you are uncomfortable, you should leave!

Being around for over 100 years, we have seen our fair share of individuals working up a sweat. But, this moment is special. We are here to help you have a memorable experience. Unlike all the other jewelry stores in Cincinnati, our staff does not work solely on commission. This is how we can guarantee you won’t experience pressure to buy. 

You want this to be on your terms, and we agree.
You want to shop around for the best deal, and we understand.
You have questions, we have answers.
Our time is yours!

Read more about our guarantees here 

5. Don’t settle for less than perfect

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Most any setting can be altered to your liking – and not a lot of places will let you know this. Many places push specific brands in order to increase a sale. Make sure your jeweler is showing you a wide range of settings, styles and diamonds and that they offer price matching and lifetime diamond upgrades! This will allow you the flexibility to not only get the best price, but upgrade your diamond at a later time. Again, if a dealer asks you to put down a deposit to simply view a diamond, you should check out of the door!

Although we have Cincinnati’s largest bridal selection in the greater Cincinnati area, rings are not one size fits all. We are proud to offer the city’s finest custom design program.

What is custom design? Custom design can be a simple change to a setting or a brand new, unique ring altogether. We have custom design experts on staff, including our Vice President, Eric. Our team is ready to help you combine all your future fiancé’s favorite Pinterest rings into one, unique piece.

Curious what the process is like? Stop in and ask for Kim, George, Heather, Eric, or Art. They will be happy to guide you step-by-step so you can see if custom is the right fit for you.

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