5 Tips to Choose a Watch You’ll Love

Over the last five years, watches have become more of a fashion statement with today’s generation and have rejuvenated a part of our culture we haven’t seen in years. People have grown accustomed to wearing a device on their wrist and, as a result, it has turned into another form of expressing one’s personality. Like the clothes we wear or the music we listen to, watches are another medium for us to explore and incorporate in our everyday lives.

With ever-evolving wearable technology, it’s no wonder people are looking to luxury watches to bring back a sense of permanence and individuality. If you are someone trying to get away from the sea of smartwatches, looking to mark an occasion, or simply want to try something new, a luxury timepiece is a great option for you. I had the pleasure of working with the experts at Richter and Phillips Jewelers to help gather 5 important tips to help get you started with buying your first luxury watch.

1. What Should You Know Before Buying a Watch?

Before you start looking at the wide variety of options the luxury watch industry offers, it’s important to note how these watches are different from your typical apple watch or mall watch brands. The top differences being the build and meticulous detailing.

Most offerings from the Swiss watch industry are mechanical. This means there is no battery or electronics controlling the time-keeping function or other complications. As a result, your watch will stop running if you do not wind or wear it for a while. The beauty of a mechanical watch comes from the handcraftsmanship and, as with any handcrafted item, there is a small degree of error when it comes to time accuracy. A digital watch, for example, is connected to a time network, whereas your mechanical watch relies on winding. But, the simple routine care of your luxury timepiece will be able to ensure the watch’s continued accuracy.

The primary benefit of luxury watches is longevity and unique design. Brands such as Breitling, NOMOS Glashütte, and Omega, have been designing watches for over a century and some of their earlier watches still function today. Because of this quality craftsmanship, your luxury timepiece will become a beautiful piece of heritage for you to pass down for generations.

The perfect heirloom

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch

42 mm, stainless steel case & bracelet, master chronometer certified

TUDOR Black Bay 41

41 mm, steel case, self-winding mechanical movement

NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik

42 mm, stainless steel case, water resistant to 1000 ft.

2. Consider what kind of timepiece will best fit your lifestyle

Through your research, it is important to consider where and how you plan to wear your new watch. Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you mostly in the office? Is this only for special occasions? Considering your career, hobbies, and intent behind the timepiece will help you narrow down the models that best complement your needs.

For example, The Omega Seamaster Professional is designed to support an active lifestyle. This men’s luxury timepiece is water-resistant and has a ceramic bezel to help withstand scratches and daily wear. Whereas Tudor’s Glamour line is more suitable for a business style setting offering a sleeker, simpler design with a variety of options for materials in both men’s and women’s luxury watches. While you continue to explore designers and their collections, ensure you select watches that incorporate functions that best fit your lifestyle and offer the appropriate amount of protection for your timepiece.

Seiko Presage Luxe Automatic Timepiece

3. How much should I budget for a luxury watch?

The luxury watch industry is not just for the elite. The varying materials, designs, and craftsmanship of each timepiece all play a role in creating a wide range of quality watches. Brands such as Omega, Breitling, and Tudor, normally fall within $3,000 to $10,000. Whereas Swiss Brands such as Tissot and Hamilton or Seiko out of Japan, offer great quality watches starting at around $300.

The experience of buying a luxury watch is a momentous occasion, especially for your first! Everyone’s budget will vary by comfort level. Some people select a goal timepiece and set their budget this way. Otherwise, find a range that you are comfortable with and center your research within those parameters. Our observations around a typical first budget for a luxury timepiece is $3k – $6k. But, this can also depend on the brand of watch you are most passionate about pursuing.

Watches for any budget

Tissot Tradition


42 mm, white dial, Arabic numerals

Seiko Luxe Prospex Automatic


42.6 mm, black dial, stainless steel bracelet & case

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto


42 mm, stainless steel case, black goat leather strap

4. Consider the care & upkeep of your desired watch

You did your research, you spoke with our specialists, and now you have taken home your first luxury watch. Now what? The care for a luxury timepiece is probably easier than you think, however, it is an important aspect to consider when selecting which timepiece to purchase.

The watch industry has made great strides over the years in the manufacturing process to ensure your watch’s durability and reliability. Typically, you can wear your watch for its intended purpose without worrying about damage or causing harm to the components. However, we do recommend bringing your watch in for service on occasion to make sure everything is running properly.

Each brand will have their own guidelines offering care and keeping regulations for your specific timepiece. Rolex is the brand best known for their top-notch care guidelines, including the industries leading five-year warranty and a recommended ten-year service interval. That way you can focus on enjoying your new watch without worry.

5. Trust yourself, and truly focus on what means most to you

This is probably the most important point to remind yourself. With Instagram and other social media platforms becoming a bigger part of how we interact with each other, it is no surprise that we use it as a means of making rash buying decisions. Whether it’s the latest offering from Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Nike, or trying to keep up with the latest trends within our circle of friends, buying new luxury watches are no different. We all have had that feeling of not wanting to miss the latest offering from our favorite brands. Focus on buying what you feel is going to be an enjoyable purchase and future experience for yourself and not based on what other people are gravitating towards. After all, a luxury timepiece is no short term purchase. Your watch is an influential piece of your daily wardrobe and will become an everlasting part of your legacy.

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