50% Off Verragio

Exclusively at Richter & Phillips Jewelers
Richter & Phillips Jewelers is the ONLY Jeweler in Ohio able to offer 50% off Verragio Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands.
You won’t find savings this amazing anywhere else in the Tri-state.

Designer Barry Verragio had an artistic vision over 25 years ago to develop fine jewelry that went beyond a simple ring. His vision of marrying the value of craftsmanship with dedication to quality quickly helped Verragio become a prestige creator of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Today, Verragio is known for his intricate cathedral settings and use of intertwining metals, creating something truly unique to his name.

Right now, at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, you can purchase one of Barry Verragio’s rings and enjoy 50% off his settings.

Here is a sneak peek at a few settings that are currently looking for a home.
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Verragio DL-124R-2WR / RP Product number: 140-00891

14k white gold setting featuring 0.65ct total weight of diamonds on both sides of the center stone setting with a 14k rose gold profile.

Was: $3,900
Now: $1,950

Verragio ENG0152 FF03562 / RP Product number: 105-00003

Platinum setting featuring 0.70ct total weight diamonds complimenting the 8-prong center stone setting.

Was: $3,995
Now: $1,997.50

Verragio AFN-5066R-2RW / RP Product number: 140-00886

18k white gold setting featuring 0.60ct total weight diamonds in the double halo with twists and an 18k white gold profile.

Was: $5,600
Now: $2,800

Veraggio INS-7005 / RP Product Number: 140-00122

18k white gold setting featuring 0.90ct total weight diamonds including halo and halfway down each side of the band.

Was: $4,900
Now: $2,450

Verragio Wedding Bands (From left to right):

Verragio ENG-0459DW-2WR / RP Product number: 110-00362
18k white gold band featuring 0.38ct total weight diamonds and an 18k rose gold profile.

Was: $3,200
Now: $1,600

Verragio ENG-0410LW / RP Product number: 110-00107
18k white gold band featuring 10 diamonds at 1.00ct total weight in this shared prong setting.

Was: $4,200
Now: $2,100

Verragio INS-7074W / RP Product number: 110-00360
18k white gold band featuring a diamond twist and decorative sides with 0.25ct total weight diamonds.

Was: $3,000
Now: $1,500

Verragio Ring Setting and Wedding Bands are now 50% off only at Richter & Phillips Jewelers. Settings do not include center stone. Items sold as is. Price does not include tax.