5 Tips to Choose a Watch You’ll Love

Over the last five years, watches have become more of a fashion statement with today’s generation and have rejuvenated a part of our culture we haven’t seen in years. People have grown accustomed to wearing a device on their wrist and, as a result, it has turned into another form of expressing one’s personality. Like the clothes we wear or the music we listen to, watches are another medium for us to explore and incorporate in our everyday lives.

With ever-evolving wearable technology, it’s no wonder people are looking to luxury watches to bring back a sense of permanence and individuality. If you are someone trying to get away from the sea of smartwatches, looking to mark an occasion, or simply want to try something new, a luxury timepiece is a great option for you. I had the pleasure of working with the experts at Richter and Phillips Jewelers to help gather 5 important tips to help get you started with buying your first luxury watch.

1. What Should You Know Before Buying a Watch?

Before you start looking at the wide variety of options the luxury watch industry offers, it’s important to note how these watches are different from your typical apple watch or mall watch brands. The top differences being the build and meticulous detailing.

Most offerings from the Swiss watch industry are mechanical. This means there is no battery or electronics controlling the time-keeping function or other complications. As a result, your watch will stop running if you do not wind or wear it for a while. The beauty of a mechanical watch comes from the handcraftsmanship and, as with any handcrafted item, there is a small degree of error when it comes to time accuracy. A digital watch, for example, is connected to a time network, whereas your mechanical watch relies on winding. But, the simple routine care of your luxury timepiece will be able to ensure the watch’s continued accuracy.

The primary benefit of luxury watches is longevity and unique design. Brands such a Breitling and Omega, have been designing watches for over a century and some of their earlier watches still function as of today. Because of this quality craftsmanship, your luxury timepiece will become a beautiful piece of heritage for you to pass down for generations.

The perfect heirloom

OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch

42 mm, stainless steel case & bracelet, master chronometer certified

TUDOR Black Bay 41

41 mm, steel case, self-winding mechanical movement

NOMOS Glashütte Tangente Sport neomatik

42 mm, stainless steel case, water resistant to 1000 ft.

2. Consider what kind of timepiece will best fit your lifestyle

Through your research, it is important to consider where and how you plan to wear your new watch. Do you have an active lifestyle? Are you mostly in the office? Is this only for special occasions? Considering your career, hobbies, and intent behind the timepiece will help you narrow down the models that best complement your needs.

For example, The Omega Seamaster Professional is designed to support an active lifestyle. This men’s luxury timepiece is water-resistant and has a ceramic bezel to help withstand scratches and daily wear. Whereas Tudor’s Glamour line is more suitable for a business style setting offering a sleeker, simpler design with a variety of options for materials in both men’s and women’s luxury watches. While you continue to explore designers and their collections, ensure you select watches that incorporate functions that best fit your lifestyle and offer the appropriate amount of protection for your timepiece.

Seiko Presage Luxe Automatic Timepiece

3. How much should I budget for a luxury watch?

The luxury watch industry is not just for the elite. The varying materials, designs, and craftsmanship of each timepiece all play a role in creating a wide range of quality watches. Brands such as Omega, Breitling, and Tudor, normally fall within $3,000 to $10,000. Whereas Swiss Brands such as Tissot and Hamilton or Seiko out of Japan, offer great quality watches starting at around $300.

The experience of buying a luxury watch is a momentous occasion, especially for your first! Everyone’s budget will vary by comfort level. Some people select a goal timepiece and set their budget this way. Otherwise, find a range that you are comfortable with and center your research within those parameters. Our observations around a typical first budget for a luxury timepiece is $3k – $6k. But, this can also depend on the brand of watch you are most passionate about pursuing.

Watches for any budget

Tissot Tradition


42 mm, white dial, Arabic numerals

Seiko Luxe Prospex Automatic


42.6 mm, black dial, stainless steel bracelet & case

Hamilton American Classic Intra-Matic Auto


42 mm, stainless steel case, black goat leather strap

4. Consider the care & upkeep of your desired watch

You did your research, you spoke with our specialists, and now you have taken home your first luxury watch. Now what? The care for a luxury timepiece is probably easier than you think, however, it is an important aspect to consider when selecting which timepiece to purchase.

The watch industry has made great strides over the years in the manufacturing process to ensure your watch’s durability and reliability. Typically, you can wear your watch for its intended purpose without worrying about damage or causing harm to the components. However, we do recommend bringing your watch in for service on occasion to make sure everything is running properly.

Each brand will have their own guidelines offering care and keeping regulations for your specific timepiece. Rolex is the brand best known for their top-notch care guidelines, including the industries leading five-year warranty and a recommended ten-year service interval. That way you can focus on enjoying your new watch without worry.

5. Trust yourself, and truly focus on what means most to you

This is probably the most important point to remind yourself. With Instagram and other social media platforms becoming a bigger part of how we interact with each other, it is no surprise that we use it as a means of making rash buying decisions. Whether it’s the latest offering from Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Nike, or trying to keep up with the latest trends within our circle of friends, buying new luxury watches are no different. We all have had that feeling of not wanting to miss the latest offering from our favorite brands. Focus on buying what you feel is going to be an enjoyable purchase and future experience for yourself and not based on what other people are gravitating towards. After all, a luxury timepiece is no short term purchase. Your watch is an influential piece of your daily wardrobe and will become an everlasting part of your legacy.

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Mollie’s Hotlist Spring Jewelry Trends 2022

Hey, it’s Mollie!

I just love the Spring season, and all that comes with it.  Right now it is all about “feel good” pieces…and you may have seen some of them in my most recent video with Heather, did you see those AMAZING earrings?!  Or maybe you saw some of the paperclip chains or pearls that I tried on at the recent Engagement Ring and Diamond Sale!? 

All of these nostalgic pieces: bright pastels, butterflies and hearts, you can find just about anything you are looking for at Richter & Phillips, and that is why I love working with them.  And with it being bridal season, don’t forget about your bridal party, and those special people that helped you along the way to your wedding day!

Take a look below at some of the hottest pieces for spring!


Mollie’s Spring Hot List

The spring jewelry trend of 2022 shining the brightest is dopamine dressing – dripping your outfit with jewelry and accessories that make you feel extremely happy!

Bright colors, lots of layers, and all the nostalgic feels – specifically Y2K – are blooming in every stylish jewelry box for 2022! We are adoring the flirty nature of mixing soft stones, pearls, and beads with edgy metals, like paper clip chains, the drippy “Y” necklaces, and a totally 2000s vibe of pairing pastel enamels with sparkling diamonds.

Mykonos Pearl Pendant


Bright Blue Enamel & Diamond Stud Earrings


Butterfly Delicate Station Necklace


Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Loop Earrings


Diamond Butterfly Pendant


Chic Pink & Diamond Enamel Stud Earrings


Wedding Jewelry for 2022

What would spring be without a sprinkle of bridal inspiration?

Your bridal jewelry is not only an accessory for your dress, but is a special part of your day that you can cherish long after the wedding! From unique gifts for your bridal party to a little something special for the groom, check out Mollie’s curated list for what’s hot this spring bridal season!

Time for the Groom

Gifting your groom a watch is sentimental wedding tradition. Your chosen timepiece will be a beloved treasure that he can wear day after day. Gift him a beautiful piece that matches his wedding band!

To make this gift extra special, gift him a timepiece that coordinates with his wedding band, have the watch engraved with your ceremony time or select a timepiece that complements his personality or profession.

Mollie’s Top Picks for the Groom

Hamilton Khaki Field

For the Adventurous


OMEGA Seamaster Diver

For the Sportsman


Grand Seiko

For the Professional


Bridal gifts for the whole squad

I can’t say “I do” without you!

Don’t forget those you hold dearest on your wedding day. Bridesmaids, mother of the groom/bride, grandparents and more all deserve a little something meaningful to keep this special day close to their hearts!

Best Bridesmaids Gifts for Spring 2022

Gardenia Hoops – Medium


6.5mm Pearl Studs


Mykonos Bangle


Explore Richter & Phillips’ Julie Vos Collection!

Bridal Jewelry Meant to Last

Let your wedding day live on with a special piece of bridal jewelry meant for everyday wear. From a delicate paperclip bracelet engraved with your wedding date or a diamond by the yard necklace, your bridal jewelry is a singular part of your wedding day that will be everlasting!

These are a few of our favorite bridal jewelry pieces that can be worn everyday after…

1. Repurposed heirlooms

You may have been gifted a special piece of your family (or new family’s!) history; a family diamond, a strand of pearls, an vintage gold ring. Wearing this piece on your wedding day can help you feel emotionally tied to your roots. Sometimes, the special piece may not be your exact vibe.

With custom design, you are able to update an established design or repurpose parts of your heirloom, curating a look that is both meaningful and personalized to your taste. Start by showing your heirloom to a Custom Design Specialist. They will be able to help you consider options until you find the perfect fit!

2. Diamonds by the yard

Diamonds by the yard are already a popular choice for most bridal gowns. Elegant, delicate diamonds bezel set in the color metal of your choice can be created in a variety of lengths, & diamond weights.

Especially complimentary to satin and lace gowns, the sparkling diamonds can be draped around your neck in single or multi layers or worn as a bracelet or anklet. Diamonds by the yard are a perfect “everyday” diamond look, darling enough to wear on your wedding day and practical enough to wear each day after.

3. Personalized gold

From charmed chains to the resurgence of the signet ring, personalizing a piece of gold jewelry is a great way to create a piece of bridal jewelry that you can wear every day! To personalize, engrave the gold with something meaningful, like your wedding date, time, initials, or venue coordinates!

4. Pearl necklace

Pearls never go out of style, especially for bridal. Modernize your pearl bridal jewelry by pairing it with an unexpected metal, like a paperclip chain. Graduated pearl necklaces, micro pearl chokers, and Tin Cup pearls strung of delicate gold chains are all beautiful bridal accessories that can be intentionally worn everyday after your wedding has ended.

5. Diamond stud earrings

A diamond staple for every jewelry box! Diamond studs are a classic look for everyday or a special event, such as your wedding. Receiving diamond studs also symbolizes a rite of passage for many occasions and is a perfect gift for a mother to gift her daughter on her wedding day. While you may switch up your earrings often, opting for diamond studs to settle in a second piercing is a great way to ensure your meaningful piece stays with you consistently.

6. Diamond tennis bracelet

With the rise of the micro-tenny bracelet, more brides are adding the diamond tennis bracelet to their wedding look. From 3-carat statement bracelets to a delicate strand of teeny sparklers, the diamond tennis bracelet is also considered an everyday diamond staple. The tennis bracelet is excellent for pairing with your stylish Apple watch strap or a fun addition to your everchanging bracelet stack. No matter how you wear your new treasured piece, you wedding day diamond tenny with be with you long after you say “I do.”

View all of Mollie’s Favorites for Spring 2022!

Top 10 Reasons our Engagement Ring & Diamond Sale Rocks!

You’re here because you’ve found the one!

You’re reading this because you are either ready to get engaged or are searching for your wedding bands! So, first off, congratulations!

To kickstart this part of your love story, each spring we host our annual Engagement Ring & Diamond Sale – one of our favorite weekends of the year. From exclusive offers to special guests, here are our top ten reasons why you should stop by our Engagement Ring & Diamond Sale.

Read more about our Engagement Ring & Diamond Sale here.

1. Get it TOGETHER

Did you know 7 out of 10 couples begin the engagement ring shopping process together? At Richter & Phillips Jewelers, we are totally open to you shopping however you are comfortable: together, separate, with your friends… you can even bring your mom! We have found that shopping together as a couple has been increasingly popular, and, you know what, we dig it!

Find out why we love when couples shop together here.

2. The area’s LARGEST selection

We are known for having not only Cincinnati’s largest bridal selection, but the largest collection of loose diamonds and settings in the tri-state! AND, for this sale only, we are flying in even more inventory for you to explore. That’s thousands of settings and loose diamonds – so you can feel confident that you will find the perfect setting & diamond for your lifestyle / budget.

3. Killer deals & steals

It’s a sale, so you expect some great deals. But, what you may not expect are some killer steals! We will have several cases of 50%, 60%, 70% & more off of engagement ring settings!

4. Save the Sale!

Not quite ready to buy your engagement ring? Not to worry, you can secure your sale price by grabbing our “Save the Sale” cards from one of our jewelry specialists (only available during the sale). This will honor sale prices on engagement ring settings until the end of  April (Prices valid March 25th – April 30th, 2022).

5. BOGO half off wedding bands

We are known for having not only Cincinnati’s largest bridal selection, but the largest collection of loose diamonds and settings This weekend isn’t just about engagement rings. We are also flying in extended collections of wedding bands and are offering Buy One, Get One Half Off. Learn more about the BOGO Half Off wedding bands here.

6. Bubbly & bites

Grab-n-go bubbly and cake pops will be available while supplies last! The perfect way to wrap up your visit!

7. Our promise to you…

No matter what day of the year you purchase, we offer lifetime guarantees to ensure that you and your new piece of jewelry are well cared for. From free ring sizing to free lifetime diamond upgrades, we are here for you today and tomorrow, just as we have been for the past century.

Learn more about our guarantees here.

8. Daisy Jane’s

It is our pleasure to once again welcome the super cute truck from Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck. When you join us at the sale you’re invited to build a complimentary 5-stem bouquet as a gift from us to you! This is available while supplies lasts, so pop in early to get the freshest picks! (Only available Saturday, March 26th | 11am – 3pm, while supplies lasts.)

9. Shop local

Richter & Phillips Jewelers is one of Cincinnati’s oldest retail stores, family-owned and operated since 1896. We have only ever had one storefront in downtown Cincinnati. And, although our building has changed, we have always served you from the heart of our beautiful city. When you shop with us, you are supporting our local business (especially with custom design!)

Learn more about how we got our start here.

10. Make it a date!

What better reason than this to make a trip downtown, grab some lunch, walk by the river, and fantasize about your future together?

Pro-tip: We have free parking for our guests! When you join us downtown, you are welcome to enjoy free, validated parking in the lot at 616 Main St. (right across the street.)

JudeFrances Jewelry

Introducing JudeFrances

Cultivating your own, unique sense of style is paramount to self-expression and no one understands this better than our newest brand, JudeFrances. Founded by Jude Steele in 2002, JudeFrances is known for crafting customizable collections, appealing to a variety of unique tastes and styles! As a former photographer, Jude Steele leverages her photography expertise to lead her design team, ensuring that the brand stays ahead of the fashion curve. The collections by JudeFrances create limitless style possibilities, combining classic, elegant designs with on trend shapes and styles so that every woman is capable of curating a jewelry wardrobe reflective of her own personal style.

Curate your own, personal style

judefrances earrings

In the JudeFrances collections, there is nothing more customizable than JudeFrances earrings. Her innovative earring designs are curated by three interchangeable parts: earring hoops, earring charms, and charm frames. Her extensive collection of modern designs allows you to refresh your look every day! One full set of JudeFrances earrings gives you 4 totally unique looks! There are endless ways to wear these designs, making it easy to tailor them to your own style. 

judefrances earrings

Stacks on stacks

judefrances bangle bracelets gold and turquoise

Did someone say arm candy? Stackable gold bangles are on trend for summer and are a great way to add some personal flair. For a bolder look, try stacking gold and silver together for a mixed metal look.

judefrances bangle bracelets gold and silver

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

judefrances layered dainty necklaces gold and silver

Layering chain and pendant necklaces is a great form of self-expression. Mix and match these designs to create a custom look each day, wearing as few or as many as you’d like!

judefrances layered dainty necklaces gold and silver

Add a little bit of spice

judefrances cocktail rings

Spice up your look even more with stylish cocktail rings and simple gold stackers. Cocktail rings are a great way to display your personality and gold stackers are a perfect accent. 

judefrances cocktail rings

Are you as excited about JudeFrances as we are? Come visit us at 6th & Main to see the new line and begin customizing your jewelry wardrobe!

judefrances gold jewelry, earrings, necklace, ring

NOMOS Glashütte

Introducing NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte luxury watch design

NOMOS Glashütte’s attention to detail and innovative mindset has made them an industry leader among luxury watch brands. Utilizing top tier craftsmanship, almost every part of their timepieces is made by hand — milling plates, bridges, wheels, bluing screws, beveling edges, finely regulating calibers — often taking years between first design and market readiness. 

NOMOS Glashütte luxury watches

A rich history…

Glashütte town

While founded in 1990, NOMOS’ craftsmanship history goes beyond that. Nestled between forest and hills, within the Ore Mountains of Germany, lies a small town by the name of Glashütte, where master watchmakers have been constructing timepieces for over 175 years. This is the town that NOMOS proudly calls home. Glashütte watches are world renowned and a company cannot use the “Glashütte” title for their timepieces unless at least 50% of a watch’s caliber is created within this town. NOMOS Glashütte exceeds this 50% and makes up to 95% of each movement on site.

NOMOS Glashütte watchmakers

Glashütte Watches

NOMOS Glashütte watchmaking

How can you recognize a watch with a Glashütte caliber? The following characteristics are typical Glashütte:

– The three-quarter plate, the barrel, and the gear train culminating in the escape wheel: a particularly robust and particularly beautiful construction with a good 150 years’ worth of tradition behind it.

– The Glashütte stopwork, a part of the winding mechanism. Unlike Swiss-made winding mechanisms, its jumper spring is long and curved.

– The most elegant form of rate accuracy: the swan neck fine adjustment.

– Tempered blue screws. They get their cornflower blue color during the heating process—the steel is baked at over 290 degrees Celsius (almost 570 Fahrenheit). This also protects them from corrosion.

– One-of-a-kind touches: perlage, ribbing, and sunburst decoration.

NOMOS Glashütte watchmaking

An industry leader

NOMOS Glashütte luxury watch design

NOMOS is currently the largest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces in Germany. How did they accomplish this? In 2014, NOMOS engineered and built their own escapement — the heart of a watch’s caliber — which they refer to as the swing system. Until this point in time, a single Swiss producer had supplied nearly the entire watchmaking industry with this assembly. Thus NOMOS became no longer dependent on third party supply, meaning they’ve been able to grow independently, determine the quality of their timepieces themselves, and keep their pricing fair and affordable. 

NOMOS Glashütte luxury watch

We are so excited to have these expertly crafted timepieces in our showroom!

Stop by at 6th and Main to see them for yourself and speak to our watch specialists.

Image Copyright: NOMOS Glashütte

Turquoise is a Neutral

Wearing Turquoise as a Neutral

From black & greys to whites & beige, neutrals aren’t about blending in anymore. On the contrary, neutrals are taking their moment in the spotlight with stand out colors and patterns that go with everything! Like earthy shades of terra cotta and funky styles of leopard print, turquoise is taking on the new name of neutral.

It might sound crazy, right? But, turquoise has been a neutral far longer than the recently resurfaced fad. Believed to be a protective stone, promoting good fortune and warding off danger, turquoise was one of the first gemstones to be mined dating back to around 200 BC. Notably worn by many cultures worldwide, including Mayans, Aztecs, and Ancient Egypt, this holy stone ranges in color from Robin Egg Blue to teal shades of green. Native Americans still utilize this stone today, making it no surprise that the United States is one of the main players in mining turquoise.

Some important things to note about turquoise: It can change in color due to prolonged sun exposure, heat, or use of cosmetics. This can be prevented with routine care and cleaning. Oftentimes dyed howlite is used as a stand-in for turquoise. To tell the difference between the two, dip a cotton ball in acetone and wipe the stone. If any color is removed, it is howlite.

Turquoise is severely underutilized as a neutral. Especially in summertime, it’s the perfect jewelry box staple bringing a pop of color and a little bit of natural spice! With big and brightly colored gemstones all the rage right now, turquoise is the on trend neutral, perfect for completing every single summer look. Shop some of our favorite turquoise staples, new and hot for summer 2021:

Richter & Phillips Turquoise Micro-Necklace

beaded dainty turquoise necklace layered with a turquoise tennis necklace

Micro-Necklace: $189, Tennis Necklace: $2,299

If you’re a little unsure about wearing turquoise as a neutral, try this stunning micro-necklace! It’s subtle and minimalist while still giving you that nice pop of color. Stack it with other necklaces, such as this turquoise tennis necklace, to enhance the look!

DM to purchase!

Julie Vos Milano Bangle

gold turquoise bangle layered with gold pacific blue bee cuff


This lightly hammered 24k gold plate bangle is the perfect accessory and can be worn on its own for a more minimalistic look or stacked with other bangles or jewelry.

Shop the look here!

Shy Creation Diamond & Composite Turquoise Eye Ring & Necklace

turquoise, diamond, and blue sapphire evil eye ring

Ring: $600, Necklace: $730

If you like jewelry that’s a bit more unique or edgy, then these diamond and turquoise eye pieces are definitely for you!

DM to purchase!

Luvente Turquoise & Diamond Stud Earrings

turquoise and diamond studded earrings


These sophisticated yet unique earrings are a great way of incorporating turquoise in a more luxury way. They will elevate any look!

Shop the look here!

Lagos Maya Drop Earrings

turquoise sterling silver beaded drop earrings


We are absolutely obsessed with these drop earrings! Featuring turquoise surrounded by sterling silver caviar beading, a Lagos signature, these earrings are sure to impress.

DM to purchase!

Non-Turquoise Gemstone Pieces

If you love the turquoise color but aren’t married to the turquoise gemstone, here are a few pieces you will also enjoy!

Lagos Maya Ceramic Link Bracelet

ceramic turquoise silver beaded link bracelet


If you loved the turquoise drop earrings from Lagos, then this bracelet is the perfect piece to pair with them!

DM to purchase!

Julie Vos Honeybee Statement Necklace

gold chain statement necklace with pacific blue turquoise pendant


A stunning statement piece that’s very on trend for this season. The rose cut iridescent pacific blue imported glass combined with the chunky gold chain create a tasteful yet quirky aesthetic.

Shop the look here!

Julie Vos Bee Cuff Iridescent Pacific Blue

gold turquoise bee cuff with gold turquoise bangle


This ornate cuff has a lot of wow factor! It’s perfect on its own or paired with the Julie Vos Milano turquoise bangle we mentioned previously. It also goes great with the Julie Vos Honeybee statement necklace.

DM to purchase!

So as you can see, turquoise jewelry is incredibly diverse and there are so many different ways to wear it! It pairs well with just about anything and is a fun way to add flair to any outfit. We would love to see the looks you put together with any of the jewelry we mentioned! Tag us on Instagram, @queencity.jewels!

Product Reference Numbers From Top to Bottom:

Turquoise Micro-Necklace: 235-00329 $189

Turquoise Tennis Necklace: 235-00326 $2299

Julie Vos Milano Bangle: 002-00099 $95

Shy Eye Ring: 200-01897 $600

Lagos Circle Drop Earrings: 210-01547 $725

Julie Vos Bee Cuff: 002-00142 $285

Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends

Our Hottest Picks for the Summer

Now that the world is starting to get back to normal, it’s only fitting that this summer’s hottest trends are vibrant, fun, and unique — perfect for beach vacations, festivals, or a night out with the girls! Here at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, we have some beautiful pieces that will not only help you stay on trend this season, but are also timeless and will be a great addition to any jewelry lover’s collection. Here are our favorite picks for summer 2021!

Gold Pieces with Colorful Gemstones

Gold is the metal for summer. Coupled with vivid, colorful gemstones, these accessories will bring life to any outfit. 


a diamond link bracelet with brightly colored gemstones

Laden with 485 14K yellow gold diamonds with multi-colored gemstones — citrine, blue topaz, and amethyst — this bracelet is the perfect luxury take on this trend. 

Shop the look here!


diamond earrings with pink tourmaline gemstone hoops

If you’re not into bright gold, but still want to be on trend, then these rose gold earrings are for you! Containing 92 diamonds and 24 pink tourmaline gemstones, this unique piece is truly something to treasure.

Shop the look here!


thick gold chain necklace with bright blue gemstone pendant

This necklace is actually three popular trends in one piece: gold, a vivid gemstone, and a chain, making it a perfect summer staple.

Shop the look here!

Chains & Charms

Like mentioned previously, chains are huge this season, the bigger the better. Charms pair perfectly with chains and are all the rage right now. 


thick chunky gold chain link necklace

This large chunky chain is the perfect piece for this fun summer trend. 

Shop the look here!


silver chain link bracelet

If you’re not that into gold and want something a little more low key while still staying on trend, this sterling silver bracelet is a great option. 

Shop the look here!


diamond chain link bracelet

For a more luxury take on the chain trend, check out this bracelet sporting 225 diamonds. You’ll be sure to turn heads!

Shop the look here!


gold pendant hexagonal engravable necklace

This 14K gold pendant necklace perfectly represents the charm trend this season. The charms on this necklace are even engravable and personalization is also currently on trend for this summer. 

Shop the look here!


gold paperclip chain layered necklaces

However, if you like something a bit more minimalist, we recommend these smaller paper clip chains! Pair them with charms or layer them with other necklaces to enhance the look.

DM us to purchase!

Pearl Accents

Pearls always add a classic touch to any ensemble and pearl accents are very on trend this season. To tie in with the gold jewelry that’s on trend for this summer, look for pieces that are gold but with a pearl accent. Otherwise, pearls can be a great break from the gold or are a great alternative if you prefer silver over gold. 


pearl bracelet

This pearl bracelet is not only on trend, but is a staple to any collection.

Shop the look here!


small pearl necklace on a silver chain

For a more dainty and minimalist take on this trend!

DM us to purchase!


silver beaded hoop earrings with pearl accent

These unique earrings can either be dressed up or down and are a great way to spice up any summer look.

Shop the look here!


gold beaded bracelet cuff with pearl and diamond accents

This piece coordinates beautifully with the bold gold jewelry that’s currently on trend while still providing that classic pearl accent. Best of both worlds! 

Shop the look here!


ariana grande inspired ring with pink morganite and pearl

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” This 14K morganite and pearl ring was designed in-house and was inspired by Ariana Grande’s engagement ring. It’s unique, dainty, and with its colored gemstone and pearl accent, it is a perfect addition for summer. 

DM us to purchase!

Bangles & Cuffs

Cuff bracelets and bangles are an incredibly popular way to accessorize and add some extra flair this summer. 


gold hinge cuff with brightly colored gemstones

This bracelet combines four summer trends into one: Cuff, gold, colored gemstone, and pearl accents, making it an absolute must-have.

DM us to purchase!


gold beaded bracelets

These 18K gold bracelets are not only on trend, but are also staple pieces that will go with any outfit.

DM us to purchase!


gold and diamond bracelets

Perfect for stacking together or with other bracelets, these 14K yellow gold diamond bracelets are the definition of arm candy.

DM us to purchase!


gold bangle bracelets with brightly colored gemstones

The Milano bangles from Julie Vos are the quintessential example of this trend. Gold with brightly colored stones in a multitude of colors, these are perfect for stacking together or with other bracelets.

Shop the look here!

We would love to see any looks you put together with these products. Tag us on Instagram, @queencity.jewels!

Click here to see the rest of our summer 2021 jewelry recommendations

Hope you have a great summer!

HOT for the Holidays

Top Jewelry Go-To Gifts of 2020

Jewelry is a classic gift to show your affection for someone. With so many personal interests and styles, picking the perfect piece of jewelry can sometimes be challenging. That’s where jewelry staples come into play!

Like the little black dress of your jewelry box, these easy-to-grab, go-with-everything, must-haves will be the perfect base for an everyday look – ensuring you stay top of mind and close to their hearts every single day.

Delicate Diamonds

The modern day diamond isn’t just for special occasions. From simple and chic to decidedly decadent, diamonds are the perfect way to add subtle sparkle to your everyday look. Here are a few pretty little pick-me-ups that make exquisite gifts — especially when gifted with love.

Diamonds by the Yard

Diamonds by the Yard are increasingly popular. They are a modern way to don diamonds any day of the week. From long layered necklaces to delicate bracelets, diamonds by the yard come in all colors of metal and almost any size of diamond you could dream of!

Diamond by the Yard Necklace by Richter & Phillips Jewelers

Starting at $1,299


Pave Diamond Rings

Like glitter for your fingers, delicate diamonds dancing across thin, gold bands are an excellent addition to everyday looks.


STAFF FAVORITE: Micro Pave Diamond Band by Luvente


Diamond “X” Ring by Afarin



Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelets have become a classic diamond staple. A modern wear for a younger generation are thin tennis bracelets featuring timeless round or unique diamond shapes. These bracelets are beautiful on their own and extraordinary when layered.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Richter & Phillips Jewelers

Starting at $2,250



It’s all about the layers. Stackable bracelets are a great way to mix metals, add color, and customize your look everyday. Stackables make a great gift because you can build on them year after year. From Gabriel & Co’s Bujukan Bracelets to classic Lagos caviar, here are a few iconic wrist staples we are swooning over.

Bujukan Bracelets by Gabriel & Co. New York

Starting at $595




Cascade Trio Bangle by Julie Vos




Caviar Beaded Bracelet by Lagos



Studs & Hoops

From playful hoops to leave-in studs, earrings add just the right amount of intrigue to your look. Fill their jewelry box with these lightweight, easy-to-wear staples, perfect for any occasion.

Gardenia Hoops by Julie Vos


Pave Diamond Stud Earrings by Luvente



Inside-Outside Diamond Hoops by Luvente



Caviar Beaded Stud Earrings by Lagos



The Perfect Pearl Details

With few accessories more iconic, pearls are the simplest way to instantly add classic elegance to your look.



Pearl Stud Earrings by Richter & Phillips Jewelers

Starting at $85


Luna Pearl Bracelet by Lagos


SEIKO Gets a Color Boost

Let SEIKO help you add a pop of color to your wardrobe!

Color is emerging as a strong trend in watches.

New shades are showing up, not just in sports watches, which have traditionally flashed brightly colored dial highlights to enhance readability, but also in dress watches, with artfully hued dials that add extra style and personality. Seiko is at the forefront of the trend, with new pieces in both its dressy Presage collection and its sporty Diver’s collection, showing off subtly colored dials.

Which subtly colored dial do you like best? – Text Blake for more information (513) 401-3152



Automatic | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | Rose Gold highlights | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 41 hours | 23 jewels | Date calendar | Dial with pressed pattern and gloss finish | Box-shaped crystal | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 40.5mm | Rose Gold tone stainless steel case | Leather strap | Water-resistant to 5 bar, 50 meters (165 feet) | Caliber 4R35


From the Presage Cocktail Time Collection | Fine mechanical watchmaking from Japan | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 41 hours | 23 jewels | Green dial with pressed pattern and gloss finish | Date calendar | Box-shaped crystal | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 40.5mm | Stainless steel case and bracelet | Double deployment clasp with push button release | Water-resistant to 5 bar, 50 meters (165 feet) | Caliber 4R35



Try a pop of color on black! – Text Blake for more information (513) 401-3152




Solar Chronograph | Powered by light energy-no battery change required | 6-month power reserve once fully charged | Hour, minute, and small second hands | Chronograph measures up to 60 minutes of elapsed time in 1/5-second increments with split time measurement function | 24-hour indicator | Date calendar | LumiBrite hands and markers | Screwdown caseback | Case diameter: 43.5mm | Stainless steel case with Black ion finish | Nylon strap | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (660 feet) | Caliber V175


Seiko 5 Sports | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 41 hours | 24 jewels | Red dial and unidirectional rotating bezel | Day/date calendar | Gold hands and markers | Case diameter: 42.5mm | Stainless steel case with black ion finish | Black nylon strap | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (300 feet) | Caliber 4R36


Limited Edition of 2,000 pieces | Serial number marked on caseback | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 28,800 vibrations per hour | Power reserve indicator | Day and date displays | Power reserve: approximately 45 hours | 29 jewels | Urushi Byakudan-nuri dial with Maki-e | Dual curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 40.5mm | Stainless steel case | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (330 feet) | Crocodile strap | Caliber 6R21 | Special Paulownia wooden box included



Blue and green are the most prominent colors in dial tones at the moment.

Blue is the color of casual sportiness, and it looks good with cases and bracelets in any metal: white, rose, or yellow. Green is a statement maker that symbolizes nature, youth, and spring time. From forest green to military green to pastel hues, green is a color for individualists. Other colors, such as rust, brown and ice blue, are even more unique and have the power to create a strong sense of individual style.

Check out some of our favorite blues and greens – Text Blake for more information (513) 401-3152


Limited Edition of 2,000 pieces | Fine mechanical watchmaking from Japan | New cedar green enamel dial | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 70 hours | 24 jewels | Date calendar | Dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 40.5mm | Stainless steel case | Brown crocodile strap | Tri-fold push button release clasp | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (330 feet) | Caliber 6R35


Fine mechanical watchmaking from Japan | Blue enamel dial | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 28,800 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 45 hours | 29 jewels | Power reserve indicator | Date display | Dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 40.5mm | Stainless steel case and bracelet | Tri-fold push button release clasp | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (330 feet) | Caliber 6R27


From the Presage Collection | Fine mechanical watchmaking from Japan | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 41 hours | 29 jewels | White paving stone textured dial | Textured indices | Power reserve indicator | Date calendar display | Dual-curved sapphire crystal | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 42.0mm | Stainless steel case and bracelet | Deployment clasp with push button release | Water-resistant to 3 bar, 30 meters (100 feet) | Caliber 4R57


Special Edition | Blue whale/wave patterned dial | Automatic Diver | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 41 hours | 23 jewels | One-way rotating elapsed timing bezel | LumiBrite hands and markers | Date calendar | Screwdown crown and caseback | Case diameter: 44.0mm | Stainless steel case and bracelet | Water Resistance: Diver’s Watch to 200 meters (660 feet). Follows ISO standards and is suitable for scuba diving. | Caliber 4R35



The signature feature of Seiko’s Presage collection is the artistic dials.

Shadows and light play over the peaks and valleys of artfully textured dials, a feature that is emphasized and brought to life with added color. The sports watches are also getting a color lift. As one of the brands that helped to develop water resistant watches in the 1940s, Seiko is now famous for its wide range of professionally rated dive watches. The Automatic Diver’s watch line is water resistant to 200 meters, and contains an automatic mechanical movement. The unidirectional rotating bezel is designed to time deep dives, and the luminescent hands and markers are guaranteed to offer optimum visibility under water. The new ice blue and green dials make these watches as fashionable as they are tough.

Unique pieces with interesting designs – Text Blake for more information (513) 401-3152



Age of Discovery 30th Anniversary Limited Edition | World time in 24-hour format | Cities of the world inner bezel | Daily alarm function| Dark green dial with sunray finish | Gold Roman numerals | Map pattern subdial | Date calendar | Special limited edition screwdown caseback | Case diameter: 40.0 mm


Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 28,800 vibrations per hour | Power reserve indicator | Power reserve: approximately 45 hours | 29 jewels | Date Display | White Enamel dial | Dual curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface | Screwdown see-through caseback | Case diameter: 40.6mm’ | Stainless steel case | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (330 feet) | Crocodile strap | Caliber 6R27



Men’s Essentials | Burgundy to Brown gradation dial with sunray finish | Date calendar | Case diameter: 40.6 mm | Rose-Gold two-tone stainless steel case | Stainless steel bracelet | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (330 feet) | Caliber 7N42


Feeling bold? Colors are amazing, but this all black has been a hit for SEIKO this year


Seiko 5 Sports | Manual and automatic winding capabilities | 21,600 vibrations per hour | Power reserve: approximately 41 hours | 24 jewels | Black dial and unidirectional rotating bezel | Day/date calendar | Black hands and markers | Case diameter: 42.5mm | Stainless steel case with black ion finish | Black nylon strap | Water-resistant to 10 bar, 100 meters (300 feet) | Caliber 4R36



Whiskey & Watches with Trevor Furbay

Whiskey & Watches are a holiday tradition at Richter & Phillips Jewelers

Photo by Jillian Francois Photography & Design



Usually on the Thursday after Thanksgiving, we host an epic night of distilled delights and fine Swiss timepieces for everyone’s favorite annual event, Whiskey & Watches.

Although the holidays look a little different this year and events are hard to come by, we still have Whiskey & Watches on our minds. This year, we had the pleasure of doing a fun collaboration with Trevor Furbay to coordinate some fantastic winter looks complete with watches & holiday spirits.




Dress for the Season

As Thanksgiving comes to a close and the cool rush of winter sets in, Trevor suggests stocking up on layers in rich, dark colors. Sweater weather is officially in full swing!




Featuring: The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Chrono Quartz

With its base in 1970s military aviation design, Hamilton’s Khaki Aviation lives up to the reliability its roots promise, inspired by tradition, but powered by innovation. Trevor suggests a classic gray and black plaid shirt and vest complemented with brown leather accessories and a quick swig of Johnnie Walker, Black Label.


Collection photos by Houston Raef



Also try:






Featuring: The Breitling AVI REF. 765 1953 Re-Edition

Reimagined with a touch of vintage allure, Breitling’s new AVI REF.765 1953 Re-Edition time piece offers a bold, remarkable update to a truly inspired watch. Trevor suggests a classic look of a blue denim button up with a sweater layer and black accessories topped off with a pour of Blanton’s, complementing the watch’s nostalgic beauty.


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Dress for a Reason

Whether lounging around the house for a cozy weekend in, or jetting off to a sunnier holiday destination, dressing with a purpose will keep you feeling sharp.




Featuring: The Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M

Crafted from stainless steel with a blue ceramic bezel, Omega’s Seamaster Professional Diver 300M has enjoyed a legendary following. With water resistance at 300 meters, this watch is the perfect seaside companion. Trevor suggests packing up a light blue button up and custom fit, tailored jacket to ring in your tropical holiday along with Casamigos Tequila and a fresh squeeze of lime.


Available in blue or white

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Look NO. 4: Manhattan Sundays

Featuring: The Grand Seiko SBGE257 Grand Seiko Sport Collection

From the prestigious design to the heart of the movement, this gorgeous green timepiece from the Grand Seiko Sport collection offers exceptional precision and legibility, making it the perfect watch for a glimpse of casual color. Trevor suggests complementing this timepiece with a light, checked shirt layered with a soft, quarter-zip sweater. While you’re lounging around the fireplace, whip up one of Trevor’s famous Manhattan’s — sure to warm you right up!


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Around here, Trevor is known for making the perfect Manhattan. Give his recipe a try this winter:


3 ounces bourbon or rye • 1 ounce Carpano Antica sweet vermouth • 2 dashes Angostura
bitters • 1 dash orange bitters • Garnish: Luxardo Cherries • Add all the ingredients into a
mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled. • Strain into a chilled coupe. Enjoy!




Meet Trevor Furbay, Bespoke Tailors & Clothiers

Growing up spending his summers in New York City, soaking in the culture of cutting edge fashion and clothing trends, sparked a passion for the industry that ultimately led Trevor to carve his path as the leading haberdasher in Cincinnati. Directing his team with a keen eye for design and a personable manner, Trevor has created the ultimate shopping experience for clothing both off the rack and for special occasions. Trevor’s classic approach to fashion takes the modern man from board room to beach house in effortless style.


Start your journey with Trevor Furbay today!