A Bride’s Guide to Cincinnati’s Native, Spring florals

Richter & Phillips Jewelers loves all things local to Cincinnati. As a staple of this city for over 120 years, we know shopping local is the best way to support our community. But, what about taking that a step further and buying items not only sold from Cincinnati businesses, but products that are sourced in Cincinnati as well?
Did you know the majority of flowers in the United States are shipped from countries like Mexico, Israel, and Ecuador? Between various energy uses, such as shipping and refrigeration, this leaves an enormous carbon footprint. Kind of counterproductive for our flower friends, don’t you think?
We reached out to some of our favorite Cincinnati florists to ask them an important question; What are your favorite native, Cincinnati florals that brides can include in their spring bouquets?
Here are their professional suggestions:

Cheryl of Twigs-n-Twine

Hellebores “Hellebores are an up -and- coming little flower! There’s something about them that just makes you want to smile. They come in colors of moody, dark purple maroons to freckly faced green creams. They accent bouquets so well that it sets the tone for the whole design. A great vintage or Victorian feel.” – Cheryl of Twigs-n-Twine

Tulips – “Tulips are a great addition to bridal bouquets, they are somewhat underrated. I would love to see more springtime Brides incorporate tulips in their bouquets and throughout the wedding designs. Tulips can come in so many colors from pale, pink blush tones to bolder plum purples. Tulips give a nice flare to a design, with a very dainty touch.”  Cheryl of Twigs-n-Twine

Peonies – “Peonies! If you are a bride who is getting married in May, this is when Peonies are in their prime and their time to shine! From yellow, to magenta, red, white and pink, Peonies are a classic, popular and beloved garden-fresh flower. If you’re a bride looking for a lush garden style bouquet, adding peony blooms will give you a full and fragrant look!”  Cheryl of Twigs-n-Twine
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HJ Benken

Hyacinth- “Hyacinth is a fantastic flower to include in a spring bouquet. They bloom with great spring colors and certainly make the bride’s bouquet stand out. They also offer the most fabulous fragrance ever!” – Robin of HJ Benken

Daffodils – “I would absolutely recommend daffodils. These cute flowers come in unique, soft spring colors. They add a bright and cheerful element to your special occasion.” – Robin of HJ Benkens

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Queen City Flower Farm
“[Some of my favorite spring florals] fall into what I call the “tiny-but-mighty” category. They need close observation to see their wonder.” – Nan of Queen City Flower Farm

Bleeding Heart – “Bleeding heart comes in two varieties. Pink on white, the most common, and white on white – best for bridal bouquets.” – Nan of Queen City Flower Farm

Lilly of the Valley – “Lily-of-the-valley [are] tiny bell-shaped flowers with an amazing fragrance.”

Salvia – “And salvia, the dark purple spike, best seen at the top of the picture.”
“None are focal flowers, but each bring zing and drama to a bouquet or arrangement. They create movement and cause the eye to travel over the entire bouquet.  Their contrast makes the focal flowers pop. And if you took them away, well, the bouquet just wouldn’t be as exciting.”  – Nan of Queen City Flower Farm  
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These fabulous, native florals can be cultivated right here in Cincinnati. Cheryl explains, “Most Springtime flowers that are locally grown are perennials- which means they bloom each year in the Spring. Most have a hardy root system or bloom from a bulb.”

Selecting native flowers is certainly an eco-friendly choice. Sourcing locally is also a great way to support our community! Not only are you encouraging “green” behavior by including native, seasonal florals in your bouquet, but it also makes it much more special.
As Nan puts it, “I believe part of the magic of seasonal flowers is that they are fleeting, in bloom only a few short weeks. It is the rarity that makes them special. We must wait an entire year to see them again.  And each season brings its own colors, shapes and fragrances.”
Will you include native florals in your bouquet? Let us know what you think!
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