Discover the Allure of Estate Jewelry at Richter & Phillips

In an era where sustainability and eco-conscious choices are paramount, estate jewelry has emerged as a captivating choice. People worldwide are uniting in their commitment to preserve Earth’s precious resources, particularly when it concerns diamonds and gemstones. Estate jewelry embodies this sustainable ethos.

We invite you to embark on a journey of timeless beauty at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, Cincinnati’s preeminent jeweler with a legacy spanning over a century. Our estate jewelry collection is brimming with exquisite and one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you prefer the convenience of online browsing or the enchantment of an in-store visit, we welcome you.

Why Choose Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry has a profound history, boasting unique craftsmanship that has often been lost to time. Renowned for its distinctive character, our estate collection boasts an exquisite blend of diverse styles, eras, and materials. What truly sets estate jewelry apart is its captivating narrative—each piece bears its own story, inviting you to forge a timeless connection with the past.

Often, estate jewelry will contain exceptional gemstones. Part of the appeal of estate jewelry is the chance to own pieces made from techniques that are no longer or rarely done: die-struck rings, Victorian hair jewelry, carved cameos, and filigree. Many enjoy the sense of nostalgia they feel when they purchase estate jewelry that is vintage or antique. Whether you’re looking for a vintage diamond ring, a designer necklace, or unique earrings, estate jewelry is a perfect way to add character and history to your jewelry collection in a unique and earth-conscious way.

What you can find:

Precious Stone Rings

An illustrative instance of the remarkable treasures within our estate jewelry collection includes rare and precious gemstones, often set in unique designs that are seldom seen in modern jewelry. For instance, Jade is a highly prized and exceptionally expensive stone. The vibrant shade of jade we possess is a rarity in itself, and it’s even more infrequently encountered in the United States, making each jade jewelry piece in our collection truly special and often one of a kind.

Quirky Vintage Watches

In the realm of estate watches, the exceptional and distinct timepieces truly stand out. Watches with a touch of quirkiness, such as this Frank Muller Color Dreams watch featuring a striking red leather strap, are a rarity in mass production or often even the luxury market. Discovering unique pieces like this adds extra excitement to the world of estate watches.

Curious Cameos

In the realm of estate jewelry, the artistry of relief cameos is a hidden gem that has largely faded from contemporary practice. The discovery of exquisite relief cameos, exceptionally crafted from materials like pink coral or ivory, is a thrilling and cherished experience. These masterful creations are a testament to the unique charm of estate jewelry.

Barely Owned Watches

In our estate watch collection, you’ll find lightly worn timepieces with intriguing stories. These watches often originate from never-worn gifts or collectors who favored high-end brands like Tudor, Rolex, Breitling, etc., and barely wore them. Our collection houses a curated selection of these exceptional watches, each with a unique history and potential to become cherished heirlooms. Discovering them in near-mint condition attests to these iconic brands’ enduring appeal and craftsmanship.

The Process of Acquiring Estate Jewelry

 Authentication and valuation are two crucial steps in determining the worth and authenticity of any estate jewelry piece. At Richter & Phillips, our dedicated appraiser meticulously examines each piece, scrutinizing its condition, brand, materials, metal weight, and stone weight. This comprehensive evaluation determines its value and safeguards against any potential forgery or imitation gems. Our commitment to this thorough process fosters trust between us and our valued customers.

Our estate collection offers a unique opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces at exceptional prices. As we often acquire these treasures through estate sales aimed at liquidation, we can secure them at favorable rates, enabling us to extend these incredible savings to our cherished clientele. It’s our way of delivering on the promise of luxury without compromise.

Caring for Estate Jewelry

Once you’ve obtained an estate jewelry piece, caring for it is crucial. If you want to protect a piece’s beauty, condition, and value over the years, you don’t want to skip routine maintenance.

The first way to care for and maintain your estate jewelry piece is to do regular cleaning. The goal is to remove any possible dirt, oils, and residue that can accumulate on jewelry over time, resulting in erosion, discoloration, etc.  

To clean, buy the appropriate cleaner for your piece and follow the instructions. You can pick up the ideal cleaner for your piece with us at purchase to be assured it will not damage your item. Using the incorrect cleaner could result in metal discoloration, cracking gems, or dissolving of certain materials like pearls. For anyone not wanting to take a risk, Richter & Phillips offers free cleanings on anything purchased through us whenever needed; just stop in Monday through Saturday. 

Next, you’ll want to ensure proper storage for the jewelry. Exposing it to dirt, moisture, extreme temperatures, and other elements can damage the piece over time. It’s best to keep each piece of jewelry in a separate compartment, ideally with a fabric lining or in a fabric bag. If the piece has pearls or opals, storing it in a dark spot is best.

If any damage does occur, whether due to age or error, you can bring it in for a visit with our in-house jeweler, who will diagnose and work to fix the problem while preserving the piece.

 Start Adding Unique Estate Pieces To Your Collection

Estate jewelry is truly special; it carries both emotional and sentimental value. Heirlooms and vintage pieces can connect you to the past. By purchasing estate jewelry, you add a unique piece of jewelry to your collection that is often one of a kind, as well as helping preserve natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint. 

With proper care and love, these pieces can give you a lifetime of happiness, just like they did for those owners before you.  

Would you be interested in obtaining estate jewelry? The Richter & Phillips Jewelers team can help. We aim to provide high-quality products available for purchase online and in-store. Have questions about our estate jewelry or need to book an appointment with us? Send us a message today