Jewelry Trends for Fall 2022

Fall in Love with Fall

Chilly weather, chunky sweaters, and moody, deep jewel tones. What’s not to love about fall? Well, the jewelry trends this fall season will give you even more reasons to love it! Featuring layers of thick gold, chunky statement pieces, luxurious animal motifs, & sleek hammer set diamonds, this season’s trends are encouraging us all to be bold & unafraid to standout. And personally? We are living for it!

So whether your favorite fall activity is curling up on the couch to watch Hocus Pocus for the fiftieth time, visiting a pumpkin patch and sipping on some warm apple cider, or donning your garb and popping by the Renaissance Festival, you are sure to love these trends & we are here to ensure you find what works best for you!

photo of a Julie Vos necklace, bracelet and two pairs of earrings

Thick Layers of Gold

Layers of jewelry aren’t going away anytime soon and this fall is no exception. Except this season, what we’re layering is thick, chunky, yellow gold pieces. The trick is to layer them on so thick, it’s as if they could keep you warm from a chilly fall breeze!

Whether it’s mountains of paperclip chains, cluttered charm bracelets, or clusters of huggie earrings, the more gold, the better!

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Moody Blues & Other Hues

Colorful gemstones are always a staple and this season, you’ll be seeing a ton of deep, moody jewel tones ranging from deep reds to rich greens all the way to the blackest of blacks.

These pops of deep color are the perfect accent to the popular golds of this season, regardless of whether you prefer to wear these gemstones on your fingers, wrists, or neck.

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Animal Emblems

Nothing says luxury quite like animal emblems on jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bee, jaguar, dragonfly, or snake. There’s just something so majestic about pieces that incorporate these creatures. And that is precisely why the animal-themed jewelry trend is continuing into fall.

Expect to see such designs as ruby bees, diamond jungle cats, and emerald cobras this season.

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Sweater Weather Statement Pieces

With chunky, cozy sweaters making their annual debut, comes large and in-charge statement pieces too. In case you haven’t noticed, this season’s jewelry is all about standing out and being seen, and this trend is the very epitome of that.

Go big and bold with an oversized chain and pendant or simply add a few large bangles and cuffs to your bracelet stack. There are countless different ways to make a statement!

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Hammer Set Diamonds

Formerly called “gypsy set diamonds,” hammer set diamonds are probably the most subtle trend this season. Don’t think that means they’re boring, however!

Hammer set diamonds sit flush with the surface of the metal, similar to bezel settings, but with a different aesthetic. The result is classic, sleek, and a great everyday option for wearing diamonds. This style also helps to protect your diamonds so if you lead a more active lifestyle, you’ll definitely want to try hammer set diamonds!

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