Mollie’s Hot List Fall Jewelry Trends 2022

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Hey, it’s Mollie!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE fall. In my opinion, it is the greatest season of them all. My closet is packed with big, chunky sweaters, boots and scarves—and this year, tons of gold chains, moody colors and animal emblem jewelry. Planning on wearing an oversized sweater with thigh high boots to an event? Make sure you pair it with layers of gold chains and stacks of gold bangles. Wanting something a little more….extra? Add a pair of bold earrings, rings or necklaces to your outfit to really make a statement!

You can find just about anything you are looking for at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, and that is why I love working with them!

Take a look below at some of the best pieces for fall and be sure to use code MOLLIE10 to receive 10% off your online order!

Mollie’s Fall Hot List

This season’s jewelry is all about making big, bold choices! From thick, gold layers to chunky, sweater weather statement pieces, all the way to animal emblems, moody jewel tones, & hammer set diamonds: This season is sure to be one you won’t forget!

And Richter & Phillips Jewelers has plenty of options to ensure that you’re stepping out in style this fall!

Check them out!

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But wait! There’s more!

These are only a few of Mollie’s fave pieces this fall season.

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Fall Wedding Season

Fall means pumpkin spice, sweater weather, & football games, but do you know what else it means? That’s right! Wedding season!

From unique gifts for your bridal party to a little something special for the groom, check out Mollie’s curated list for what’s hot this spring bridal season!

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Bridal Jewelry

Your bridal jewelry is not only an accessory for your dress, but is a special part of your day that you can cherish long after the wedding. These pieces may commemorate a loved one or serve as a reminder of the love you share for your partner.

There are so many options for memorable, cherished pieces that you can wear on your wedding, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are a few of our favorite bridal jewelry pieces that can be worn everyday after…

1. Repurposed heirlooms

You may have been gifted a special piece of your family (or new family’s!) history; a family diamond, a strand of pearls, an vintage gold ring. Wearing this piece on your wedding day can help you feel emotionally tied to your roots. Sometimes, the special piece may not be your exact vibe.

With custom design, you are able to update an established design or repurpose parts of your heirloom, curating a look that is both meaningful and personalized to your taste. Start by showing your heirloom to a Custom Design Specialist. They will be able to help you consider options until you find the perfect fit!

2. Diamonds by the yard

Diamonds by the yard are already a popular choice for most bridal gowns. Elegant, delicate diamonds bezel set in the color metal of your choice can be created in a variety of lengths, & diamond weights.

Especially complimentary to satin and lace gowns, the sparkling diamonds can be draped around your neck in single or multi layers or worn as a bracelet or anklet. Diamonds by the yard are a perfect “everyday” diamond look, darling enough to wear on your wedding day and practical enough to wear each day after.

3. Personalized gold

From charmed chains to the resurgence of the signet ring, personalizing a piece of gold jewelry is a great way to create a piece of bridal jewelry that you can wear every day! To personalize, engrave the gold with something meaningful, like your wedding date, time, initials, or venue coordinates!

4. Pearl necklace

Pearls never go out of style, especially for bridal. Modernize your pearl bridal jewelry by pairing it with an unexpected metal, like a paperclip chain. Graduated pearl necklaces, micro pearl chokers, and Tin Cup pearls strung of delicate gold chains are all beautiful bridal accessories that can be intentionally worn everyday after your wedding has ended.

5. Diamond stud earrings

A diamond staple for every jewelry box! Diamond studs are a classic look for everyday or a special event, such as your wedding. Receiving diamond studs also symbolizes a rite of passage for many occasions and is a perfect gift for a mother to gift her daughter on her wedding day. While you may switch up your earrings often, opting for diamond studs to settle in a second piercing is a great way to ensure your meaningful piece stays with you consistently.

6. Diamond tennis bracelet

With the rise of the micro-tenny bracelet, more brides are adding the diamond tennis bracelet to their wedding look. From 3-carat statement bracelets to a delicate strand of teeny sparklers, the diamond tennis bracelet is also considered an everyday diamond staple. The tennis bracelet is excellent for pairing with your stylish Apple watch strap or a fun addition to your everchanging bracelet stack. No matter how you wear your new treasured piece, you wedding day diamond tenny with be with you long after you say “I do.”

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Time for the Groom

Gifting your groom a watch is sentimental wedding tradition. Your chosen timepiece will be a beloved treasure that he can wear day after day. Gift him a beautiful piece that matches his wedding band!

To make this gift extra special, gift him a timepiece that coordinates with his wedding band, have the watch engraved with your ceremony time or select a timepiece that complements his personality or profession.

Mollie’s Top Picks for the Groom

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Bridal gifts for the whole squad

I can’t say “I do” without you!

Don’t forget those you hold dearest on your wedding day. Bridesmaids, mother of the groom/bride, grandparents and more all deserve a little something meaningful to keep this special day close to their hearts!

Best Bridesmaids Gifts for Fall 2022

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Explore Richter & Phillips’ Julie Vos Collection

Julie Vos pieces make the perfect gifts for anyone in your bridal party. Whether you want to keep it simple, or like to spice it up, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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View all of Mollie’s Faves for Fall 2022!

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