Mollie’s Hot List Summer Jewelry Trends 2022

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Hey, it’s Mollie!

Ahhh….sweet, sweet summertime! Right now it is all about Y2K and boho Coachella-like pieces and I am LOVING IT. I am a huge fan of turquoise jewelry, especially during the warmer months because it really makes my tan pop! Check out the gorgeous Luvente Turquoise Bangle, perfect for your beach vacation or anniversary dinner celebration.

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Take a look below at some of the hottest pieces for summer!


Mollie’s Summer Hot List

This summer season, the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot; the jewelry trends are too!

From throwback styles like chains, chokers, and bright enamel to more boho vibes like raw shells, cuffs, natural turquoise, and fringe, we are loving the mixture and use of different styles this season. Whether you prefer the Y2K look or a more Coachella-like aesthetic (or maybe a mixture of both!), Richter & Phillips Jewelers has plenty for you to adore and adorn yourself with!

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Beach-Bound Tips

It’s vacation season! And we all know what that means, trips to sunnier shores and dips in the ocean. But what about your jewelry? While it’s super fun to be accessorized while soaking up the sun, you want to make sure you protect your treasured pieces as well. Below are some tips to help you out:

1. Saltwater is damaging

Proceed to the beach with caution when wearing your jewelry! The saltwater from the ocean is corrosive and will eat away at most metals. Rose gold is especially at risk for this along with anything that contains copper. Due to its corrosive nature, saltwater can also loosen stones and weaken thinner parts of jewelry, such as prongs.

2. Jewelry can slip off

I know what you’re thinking. “No, my ring is very secure!” And I’m sure it is! But, when submerged in cool water, our body temperature decreases which causes blood flow to redirect to our organs. This decreases the circulation in our extremities, such as our fingers, which causes them to shrink. So even if your ring is usually very snug, it may become loose while in the water, and no one wants to lose a diamond in the ocean (aside from Rose Dawson)!

3. Sand scratches

Maybe none of that applies to you because you’re less of a swimmer and more of a sunbather! Well, beaches still mean sand and sand means trouble for your jewelry. Due to sand’s rough nature, it can lead to scratches all along your jewelry. And I’m sure you know just how easily sand can get everywhere, even when you try to avoid it! If you insist on wearing your jewelry, just be sure that your pieces are solid metal, not plated, and that your stones have a Mohs hardness rank of 8 or higher.

In the words of Anakin Skywalker, “I don’t like sand,” and neither does your jewelry!

4. Shiny isn’t always a good thing

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Well, it turns out sea creatures aren’t exempt from loving some sparkle & shine! Be very cautious when wearing anything shiny in the water, as some ocean dwellers may mistake the shimmer for fish scales and pop by for a not-so-friendly visit!

5. It’s not just the water

The thing about beaches is, there’s salt everywhere, including in the air. Salt air can tarnish and damage jewelry. So even if you aren’t in the water or spending much time in the sand, your jewelry can still get damaged just by being near ocean air.

6. Sunscreen is important but…

Always wear your sunscreen! This much is true, but be careful with your jewelry when you do! Sunscreen can create an icky film on your jewelry that can be tricky to remove. Be sure to wait until your sunscreen is fully absorbed into your skin before donning your favorite pieces.

7. How to store your jewelry

With all that being said, the best preventative measure to take to ensure the longevity of your jewelry is to remove it before going to the beach. However, since even the sea salt air can damage it, it’s best to store your jewelry in a dry, ventilated place such as a fabric-lined jewelry box. If you insist on taking your jewelry on the go with you, keep it in a soft fabric pouch or small fabric-lined box that closes securely.

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Best Watches for Summer

When it comes to summer timepieces, “is it waterproof?” should be the first question you ask. And there’s no watch more resistant to water than a diver’s watch. Whether you have a scuba trip planned, love lounging by the pool, or just want to ensure your watch is durable for everyday wear, you can never go wrong with a diver!

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Timeless Anniversary Gifts

Whether it’s been 1 year or 30, every anniversary matters. Show that special someone just how much you treasure them by gifting them with a little treasure of their own!

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