The Perfect Pavé Diamond Gift For Your Valentine

Light is a beautiful thing. The way it bends and refracts to produce color is something to marvel. We find diamonds irresistibly alluring because of the way light is able to dance around, twisting and turning to create sparkling bursts of rainbows.

If you adore pieces that disperse sparkle from every angle, you will fall in love with pavé diamonds.

In French, “pavé” means “paved”. Pavé pieces are created with brilliance in mind and appear to be paved with diamonds. A precious metal is used to secure each radiant speckle in place. These clusters are crafted so tight that little metal shines through.

Pavé diamonds offer a wide range of fashions and can be found in anything from engagement rings to pendants.

A pavé diamond piece is a brilliant gift, allowing your loved one to treasure her own little collection of “star dust”.

Here are our recommendations for the perfect pavé diamond Valentine’s gift:

14k white gold Pavé Earrings by Luvente featuring 1.61 total weight of pavé diamonds.

14k Rose Gold Necklace by Shy Creations featuring 0.15 total weight of pavé diamonds.

14k white gold necklace by Shy Creations featuring 0.24 total weight of pavé diamonds.

14k white gold ring by Luvente featuring 0.28 total weight of pavé diamonds.

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