Popular Engagement Ring Styles for 2022

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So, you’ve been with your significant other for awhile now and you’re ready to start looking at rings. How exciting! But where to start? It can be tricky when there are so many different styles of engagement rings to choose from. But don’t worry! We are here to help!

While there are many different types of engagement ring styles trending currently, the biggest trend of all amongst brides to be is individuality. Now more than ever, engagement rings are becoming symbolic of both the individual wearer as well as the relationship itself. Many timeless engagement ring styles are making a comeback, but with a unique, individualistic twist.

Hidden Halo

Want an extra dose of sparkle? Then you may love a hidden halo. This innovative and unique take on the halo design offers a subtle pop of extra sparkle, while also accentuating the center stone and making it appear larger. Hidden halos work with any diamond shape and can also be used to mix metal colors!

So why opt for a hidden halo over an obvious halo? The truth is, sometimes less is more! If you want a larger stone, you may not want to over power it with side stones or other distracting accents. A hidden halo allows you to have that extra pop and sparkle while accenting your stone instead of detracting from it. It’s also a way to add extra diamonds while maintaining a more simplistic, minimalistic look.

If you find yourself loving the hidden halo trend, one brand to check out is Martin Flyer. They specialize in this engagement ring style and have a ton of different looks to choose from, ensuring you find the ring that best encapsulates you.

Trilogy Settings

You know what they say, good things come in threes. Why should your diamond be any different? Three stone settings represent your past, present, and future with your partner. Choose three diamonds for an extra sparkling setting or get creative with colored gemstones on the sides! To make this setting even more sentimental, use your partner’s birthstone as your side stones.

Trilogy engagement rings also allow for you to experiment with different shapes and pairings, further customizing your ring and making it even more unique to you and your relationship. Once you have a center stone shape you truly love, pair it with a few different side stone shapes until you find one you love. Side stones come in a large variety of shapes included but not limited to oval, trapezoid, half-moon, pear, baguette, and emerald.

Did you know that larger side stones can also accentuate your center stone? Yet another reason to give a trilogy setting a try! These rings offer so many different options, the possibilities are truly limitless, ensuring your engagement ring is truly unique to you.

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Fancy Shape Diamonds

With individuality at the forefront of engagement ring styles this year, it’s no surprise that fancy shape diamonds are more popular than ever. Offering a more unique look than traditional round diamonds, these shapes consist of distinct cuts such as pear, oval, asscher, and marquise, just to name a few. While we do still love a good round diamond moment (they’re a classic for a reason!), some find that these stones don’t flatter their finger shape or they simply want something a little different!

So which shape is best for you? The best answer is to try them all on! We find that many people have preconceived notions of which stone shape they prefer, then change their minds entirely once they’ve tried on a few different shapes. Even if you’re not yet ready to buy, we welcome you to book an appointment just to try some on!

Want to go extra big with your diamond? Opt for a large fancy shape diamond solitaire ring! This is a perfect way to showcase your personality, while still keeping your ring timeless and simple. It also makes it easier to pick a wedding band to match!

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Vintage Inspired

Who doesn’t love a reimagined classic? Vintage inspired settings are the perfect way to put a unique spin on timeless styles. While there are many different types of vintage inspired engagement ring styles, there are a few that have become increasingly popular as of late. Halo styles reminiscent of the Art Deco Era, floral and leaf motifs, and angular styled rings have all been making their way to ring fingers this year en masse. Classique has many vintage inspired settings that remain true to their era, while still possessing a contemporary flair.

These types of engagement ring settings are also a great option for repurposing family heirlooms. You may have a ring with stones that you love, but aren’t completely in love with the setting. We can take those stones and repurpose them into a style that better reflects your personality while still being reminiscent of the time period it’s from! This is also a great option for other pieces of jewelry whose stones you love that you may not wear all that often, such as brooches.

Regardless of the route you take, there is something just so romantic about a vintage inspired engagement ring.

Toi et Moi

“Toi et moi” is French for “you and me.” Originating in 1796, this two stone setting represents you and your partner and the love you both share. These rings truly evoke individuality with just how customizable they are. Opt for two diamonds or switch one out for the birthstone of your partner, mix & match shapes, there are so many different possibilities. Choose whatever feels most special and unique to you!

Not to mention that this style has become increasingly popular, especially among celebrities like Megan Fox and Ariana Grande, just to name a few. Megan’s iconic ring contains an emerald and diamond, representing hers and MGK’s birthstones respectively, while Ariana’s contains a pearl gifted to her by her grandmother. Regardless of how you design your own toi et moi engagement ring, these settings possess a sense of sentementality and individuality that are all their own.

Ready to start designing?

Now that you’ve had a little inspiration, it’s time to start designing your engagement ring! We are here to help and make sure you find the ring of your dreams!

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