5 fabulous, free locations for a spring proposal in Cincinnati

As spring in Cincinnati begins to bloom, we welcome the possibilities of new beginnings. Opening Day gives us a fresh start, Zoo Blooms offers a beautiful botanical experience, and the Khron’s Conservatory once again fills with fluttering butterflies. All the while men and women are scouting out these picturesque opportunities to pinpoint a unique spot to pop the question.
For our first official #WeddingWednesday, we will explore some of the top, free spots in Cincinnati to capture stunning spring proposal pictures.

Proposals pics or it didn’t happen:

Proposal photos are almost inevitable with various social media outlets begging to be home to your latest and greatest life updates. Plus, you know your friends and family wish they could share the moment with you! It is increasingly more popular to have an “undercover” photographer ready with a camera to capture one of your life’s most memorable moments.
Whether you are a couple that enjoys an intimate experience or thrives on something a bit more lavish, one thing is clear, your proposal environment should be scenic and speak to you and your future fiancé’s personality.

Photo Credits to Spring Grove Cemetery

For the Romantic – Spring Grove Cemetery
A cemetery may seem an odd choice for a proposal, but Cincinnatians know that Spring Grove is so much more. The peaceful scenery brought by the grounds sets the tone for a rendezvous to remember. Gorgeous landscaping creates a lush environment to take a romantic walk around the grand, stone sculptures or glistening lake. While it may seem a bit off-beat to some, that is exactly what makes Spring Grove Cemetery a unique place to start a new life together.

Photo Credit to Jean-François Schmitz

For the Bookworm – Cincinnati Public Library
The smell of old books sparks something deep inside a lover of inky pages. The Cincinnati Public Library offers aisles and aisles of the perfect opportunity to apprise your heart’s desires to your chosen love. With Cincinnati weather being, well, Cincinnati, you never know what you’re going to get. An indoor location is a safe bet for missing those April showers. Besides, for a literature lover, what could be more romantic than a proposal in a place that houses all the greatest love stories?

Photo Credit to The Purple People Bridge

For the Adventurer – Purple People Bridge:
Proposals certainly drum up a lot of emotion, whether nerves or excitement. It’s a good thing the Purple People Bridge offers 2,670 feet of prep time to pop the question. The bridge crossing the Ohio River is the only of 9 Cincinnati-Kentucky bridges that is dedicated to foot traffic.  The colorful civil engineering, open sky, and view of the cityscape creates a photographic environment. Needless to say, the bridge offers a gorgeous view of both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and a perfect proposal picture for the adventurous couple.

Photo Credit to The Pride Cincy

For the Music Lover – Music Hall, Washington Square Park:
Washington Square Park and Music Hall are on the top of our list because there are many picturesque possibilities. The classical music performance hall was built in 1878 and is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. The vivid spring greens sprouting about the park create a wonderful compliment to the beautiful building. From modern landscaping and musical fountains to the stunning, historic architecture of Music Hall, the opportunities for the perfect proposal moment are plentiful.

Photo Credit to Maxim Photo Studio

For the Foodie – Taste of Cincinnati:
If you and your fiancé-to-be are Cincinnati natives you probably have this in common: a love of food. The Queen City is becoming known worldwide as a fabulous food destination. One of the best try-all destinations for the foodie couple is Taste of Cincinnati. From food trucks to gastropubs, craft breweries and sweet shops, Taste of Cincinnati is the nation’s longest running culinary arts festivals.  Hosted near Fountain Square each May, Taste of Cincinnati has become an annual date night tradition for many couples. The colorful assortment of fine restaurants and collection of passerby’s makes for an exciting backdrop you’d be hard pressed to recreate. So, why not begin your adventure toward married life doing something you both love, eating all the food!

Photo credit to WVXU

The downtown Riverfront park includes many scenic opportunities. From a gorgeous river view to lush gardens and trees, Smale Riverfront Park is a romantic spot iconic to Cincinnati.

As an added bonus, Smale Riverfront Park is home to Carol Ann’s Carousel.

**Please note that to use this space your photographer may need a permit.

Photo Credit to Cincinnati Parks

For the Eccentric – Carol Ann’s Carousel:
Lights, bright colors, and twirling animals fashion a whimsical backdrop for the quirky couple. Carol Ann’s Carousel located in Smale Riverfront Park, is a vibrant work of art featuring Cincinnati-centric characters. The carousel is housed in a sleek, glass pavilion and channels a crystal jewel box as it glows in the night. As another indoor location, Carol Ann’s Carousel is a great place for a scenic spring proposal. Your photographer will thank you.

Cincinnati is near and dear to our hearts. We are lucky to live in such a vivid city full of life and adventure. As a melting pot of culture, experiences, and beauty, you and your future fiancé are sure to find the perfect place for a picturesque spring proposal in our beloved Cincinnati.
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