Top 5 Television Proposals Popped by a Leading Lady

From simple to elaborate, TV engagements all have one thing in common, they are unforgettable!
When you follow a love story for so long, you begin to feel like you are a part of the relationship.  It’s moments like these that pull your heartstrings and, perhaps, cause you to fantasize about your own memorable proposal moment.       

When you know, you know. And a lot of TV’s leading ladies know exactly what they want.

Let’s take a look at our Top 5 TV Proposals where the leading lady says, “Will you marry me?”        

5. Charlotte & Trey          

Sex and the City – “Easy Come, Easy Go,” Season 3, Episode 9

Charlotte is convinced Trey is ready to propose and is presented to his mother Bunny MacDougal. She seems to control him masterfully. Later, Charlotte uses Bunny’s sleeve rubbing trick and makes him thoughtlessly accept a wedding proposal that went a little something like this:

Charlotte: “Trey, I think we should get married.”
Trey: “Alrighty.”

She instantly regrets it as the moment lacked the romance she desired. Later Trey takes Charlotte to Tiffany’s to pick out any ring she wants to which she replies, “Alrighty.” That is the moment she had been waiting for. Her Tiffany proposal is the story of their engagement and she’s sticking to it.

4. Lorelai & Luke

Gilmore Girls – “A House Is Not A Home,” Season 5, Episode 22

Out of all the Luke-Lorelai moments from many seasons of Gilmore Girls, the engagement scene is certainly one to remember. He’s been there for her and she relies on him. Through all the terrible and awkward relationships Lorelai has experienced, we all knew that it wouldn’t last.. not while Luke was in town. After hearing how passionate Luke was about Rory dropping out of school, Lorelai knew she had met her perfect match.

3. Topanga & Corey

Boy Meets World – “Graduation,” Season 5, Episode 24

Ah, young love. We watched these two develop a deep and meaningful relationship beginning in junior high. Corey and Topanga have always been goals from their open and honest communication to their unwavering devotion to one another. During a pivotal moment in her life, Topanga decides to take a leap of faith proposing to Corey at the end of graduation leaving Season 5 of Boy Meets World with a suspenseful cliffhanger.

2. Monica & Chandler

Friends – “The One With The Proposal,” Season 6, Episode 24/25

I’m not crying, you’re crying! The long-anticipated engagement between Monica and Chandler finally happens after the two have dated for an entire 2 seasons! In true sitcom fashion, Chandler’s attempts to throw Monica off the trail backfires causing her to think that they will never get married. Once Monica visits with her ex, Richard, she realizes Chandler is the one. With a little help from friends, Monica is able to pull off the surprise proposal Chandler had hoped to give her.

1. Kate & Toby

This is Us – “Most Disappointed Man,” Season 2, Episode 7

Kate and Toby have an endearing relationship. Filled with self-doubt, Kate finds Toby to be the perfect partner to lift her spirit and self-worth. After his surgery, Kate visits Toby in the hospital. Seeing him like this evokes an emotional response from Kate where she tells Toby she loves him and she wants to spend her life with him. Toby takes this as a proposal and says, “I would totally marry you if that’s something you’re down with.” She’s down.