The Top 4 Things to Know When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming. At Richter & Phillips Jewelers, we aim to make the process a memorable experience that is simple and fun.

Our gemologist and jewelry specialists are here to walk you through the process by working within your budget to assemble your dream ring.

When couples come in to begin the selection process, they are often unfamiliar with shopping for such a purchase. We have compiled a list of 4 important questions you should take into consideration when shopping for an engagement ring.

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1.  Consider how your engagement ring will look with your wedding band –
Picking out an engagement ring is so much fun. You begin to fantasize about your wedding, the cake, the venue, the flowers…. Often it is easy to overlook an integral part of traditional nuptials: a wedding band. With so many unique variations of engagement rings, it becomes more complex to select a complimentary wedding band, especially if you do not keep this in consideration during your engagement ring shopping. Once you find the ring you love, see if the designer has a matching wedding band. If not, try on a few different wedding band styles. A favorable wedding band should be gently nested next to your preferred engagement ring. Trying these on is the best way to know if your favorite engagement ring truly is “the one”.

2.  Always buy GIA certified –
This may seem like a no-brainer, but surprisingly people often assume every diamond in the market is a fair price and genuinely certified as such. This is not the case. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has strict guidelines for grading their certified diamonds. They also support the Kimberly Process, which ensures that diamonds are sourced ethically. A good jeweler will be able to provide you with a GIA diamond certification validating the color, cut, carat, clarity, etc. of the diamond you are purchasing. This is also important for insurance purposes in the case of lost or stolen gems. With a certified diamond you can rest assured that you invested in a genuine piece of jewelry and that you paid a fair price.

3.  Get your measurements –
Shopping for your ring as a couple is fantastic because this allows you the opportunity to get your finger measured. This step is pretty important in the ring purchasing process, but is often forgotten. Popping the question and finding the ring is too small can certainly put a damper on the moment (and the “I said yes!” picture).

4.  Negotiate –
Although some designer prices may be set, you never know what your jeweler can offer you. Always feel comfortable letting our staff member know your budget up front. This will help them narrow down our selection to the perfect possibilities for you. Working with a small business, such as Richter & Phillips Jewelers, has a huge advantage over online or chain retail. Our staff does not work on commission, so you know that we genuinely take your happiness to heart. Better yet, we are open to negotiation. We always cut a fair deal and operate with transparency. If you have questions or concerns about pricing we are here to help you understand every step of the way.

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