Turquoise is a Neutral

Wearing Turquoise as a Neutral

From black & greys to whites & beige, neutrals aren’t about blending in anymore. On the contrary, neutrals are taking their moment in the spotlight with stand out colors and patterns that go with everything! Like earthy shades of terra cotta and funky styles of leopard print, turquoise is taking on the new name of neutral.

It might sound crazy, right? But, turquoise has been a neutral far longer than the recently resurfaced fad. Believed to be a protective stone, promoting good fortune and warding off danger, turquoise was one of the first gemstones to be mined dating back to around 200 BC. Notably worn by many cultures worldwide, including Mayans, Aztecs, and Ancient Egypt, this holy stone ranges in color from Robin Egg Blue to teal shades of green. Native Americans still utilize this stone today, making it no surprise that the United States is one of the main players in mining turquoise.

Some important things to note about turquoise: It can change in color due to prolonged sun exposure, heat, or use of cosmetics. This can be prevented with routine care and cleaning. Oftentimes dyed howlite is used as a stand-in for turquoise. To tell the difference between the two, dip a cotton ball in acetone and wipe the stone. If any color is removed, it is howlite.

Turquoise is severely underutilized as a neutral. Especially in summertime, it’s the perfect jewelry box staple bringing a pop of color and a little bit of natural spice! With big and brightly colored gemstones all the rage right now, turquoise is the on trend neutral, perfect for completing every single summer look. Shop some of our favorite turquoise staples, new and hot for summer 2021:

Richter & Phillips Turquoise Micro-Necklace

beaded dainty turquoise necklace layered with a turquoise tennis necklace

Micro-Necklace: $189, Tennis Necklace: $2,299

If you’re a little unsure about wearing turquoise as a neutral, try this stunning micro-necklace! It’s subtle and minimalist while still giving you that nice pop of color. Stack it with other necklaces, such as this turquoise tennis necklace, to enhance the look!

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Julie Vos Milano Bangle

gold turquoise bangle layered with gold pacific blue bee cuff


This lightly hammered 24k gold plate bangle is the perfect accessory and can be worn on its own for a more minimalistic look or stacked with other bangles or jewelry.

Shop the look here!

Shy Creation Diamond & Composite Turquoise Eye Ring & Necklace

turquoise, diamond, and blue sapphire evil eye ring

Ring: $600, Necklace: $730

If you like jewelry that’s a bit more unique or edgy, then these diamond and turquoise eye pieces are definitely for you!

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Luvente Turquoise & Diamond Stud Earrings

turquoise and diamond studded earrings


These sophisticated yet unique earrings are a great way of incorporating turquoise in a more luxury way. They will elevate any look!

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Lagos Maya Drop Earrings

turquoise sterling silver beaded drop earrings


We are absolutely obsessed with these drop earrings! Featuring turquoise surrounded by sterling silver caviar beading, a Lagos signature, these earrings are sure to impress.

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Non-Turquoise Gemstone Pieces

If you love the turquoise color but aren’t married to the turquoise gemstone, here are a few pieces you will also enjoy!

Lagos Maya Ceramic Link Bracelet

ceramic turquoise silver beaded link bracelet


If you loved the turquoise drop earrings from Lagos, then this bracelet is the perfect piece to pair with them!

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Julie Vos Honeybee Statement Necklace

gold chain statement necklace with pacific blue turquoise pendant


A stunning statement piece that’s very on trend for this season. The rose cut iridescent pacific blue imported glass combined with the chunky gold chain create a tasteful yet quirky aesthetic.

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Julie Vos Bee Cuff Iridescent Pacific Blue

gold turquoise bee cuff with gold turquoise bangle


This ornate cuff has a lot of wow factor! It’s perfect on its own or paired with the Julie Vos Milano turquoise bangle we mentioned previously. It also goes great with the Julie Vos Honeybee statement necklace.

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So as you can see, turquoise jewelry is incredibly diverse and there are so many different ways to wear it! It pairs well with just about anything and is a fun way to add flair to any outfit. We would love to see the looks you put together with any of the jewelry we mentioned! Tag us on Instagram, @queencity.jewels!

Product Reference Numbers From Top to Bottom:

Turquoise Micro-Necklace: 235-00329 $189

Turquoise Tennis Necklace: 235-00326 $2299

Julie Vos Milano Bangle: 002-00099 $95

Shy Eye Ring: 200-01897 $600

Lagos Circle Drop Earrings: 210-01547 $725

Julie Vos Bee Cuff: 002-00142 $285