4 Reasons Why You Should Try on Engagement Rings Before Picking “the One”

Choosing your engagement ring is a very exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity to find something you will treasure forever. With limitless variations in color, cut, style, and more, it can make the selection process practically impossible. So, how do you narrow it down? Similar to other large purchases, such as a car, a tried and true way is to take it for a test spin.
Our gemologist and jewelry specialists support shopping for an engagement ring as a couple for a number of reasons. First reason: we want you to find “the one”.
The shape, size, and color of your hand can affect how a piece translates and, more often than not, looks different on your hand than in a perfectly polished photo.

Here are 4 major reasons you should try on engagement rings before making a final decision.

1.  Stone Shape –
Love that pear over there? Think that round is majestic? All about the symmetry with a princess cut? It’s great to know the direction you want to go. This will help to narrow your search, right? Couples come in all the time with a specific stone shape in mind, but once they try it on, they find themselves second guessing. This is not the reaction you want to have! Taking your finger width and length into consideration is a great way to determine what stone may flatter your look. For short fingers, an oval or emerald cut will add length. For wide fingers, a large, round diamond shading your skin on either side of the stone may make your fingers appear dainty. While you can speculate the perfect shape, the simplest way to discover new cuts and explore your current fav is to try them on.

2.  Metal & Stone Color –
Once you decide the center stone shape, it is time to consider what type of gem you want and the metal used to support it. Unique center stones are becoming increasingly popular. Trying on different gems will help you gauge which one reflects brilliantly with your skin. It is the same with your metal of choice. The last thing you want is for the band to get lost in your skin tone, you want it to compliment your skin tone!

3.  Carat Size –
Big or dainty? It is up to personal preference, but that is just the first step. Similar to stone shape, different size carats work differently with each individual’s finger. You don’t want your stone to disappear, but you also may not want it to appear overwhelming. Testing out different gem sizes is a great way to know how many carats you are interested in.

(photo by Kirk Kara)

4.  Overall Design –
After you have found your perfect gem, you can finally explore designs and there are a lot of aspects to test. Wide band or thin? Decorative or simple? Spotlight diamonds or solitaire? Everything depends on your preference and how it looks on your lovely finger.
Shopping for an engagement ring is more important than shopping for a wedding dress, because it is the piece of your wedding that you will wear forever! If you are the kind of person that wouldn’t order a wedding dress online, I highly suggest visiting a jewelry store and trying out the different sets, colors, and styles to make sure you are selecting the perfect piece.
At Richter & Phillips Jewelers, we recommend shopping for an engagement ring as a couple. Richter & Phillips Jewelers makes this a fun, memorable experience and it is a very intimate step in a modern relationship. Our showroom houses the widest selection of engagement rings and bridal jewelry in Cincinnati. Once we help you discover “the one” you can wear your ring with confidence instead of worrying about how the ring appears on your hand. You can rest assured you’ll only have one question on your mind, “Does this ring make me look engaged?”
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