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ALOR® is a luxury jewelry and watch company founded in 1979 and based in San Diego, California. ALOR’s 18 karat gold, stainless steel nautical cable and diamond jewelry designs are fashion-forward yet classic reflecting a love and appreciation for both history and modernity. The innovative cable color variations found in both the jewelry and watch collections are ALOR®’s definitive design features.

The latest addition to the ALOR® house, ALOR® Swiss Watches, is an inspiring collection of luxury Swiss-made timepieces created with a contemporary woman in mind. "It's about time, it's about me" honors a commitment to women and to the focus of their time. ALOR® Swiss Watches is home to 6 Collections: 1979, ALOR, CAVO, VALENTI, FORTE and EliteSub - each of which offer a sophisticated style, contemporary design and an ease of wear created for a luxury fashion everyday lifestyle.

Although the ALOR® collections have a feminine focus, many of the styles can be fashioned by both women and men, as each piece is classically strong, alluringly bold and distinctly individual.

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