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As a historic business in Cincinnati, community means everything to us. Without our great city, our business would not have succeeded for the past 124 years.

Diamonds for a Difference is our newest way of giving back to Cincinnati!

For every loose diamond sold in our shop, $100 is donated to local charity. To ensure we spread the love, we partner with a new charity every 4 months, letting us assist in multiple efforts near and dear to our hearts.

Why did we choose loose diamonds?

Loose diamonds are most often purchased as a gift, and, most often, for an engagement ring. It’s a gift of love! So, why not make purchasing a diamond from us feel even sweeter? Your diamond purchase is going straight back into helping our community!

This month your diamond purchase supports

The Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention Program at The Kelly O’Leary Center of Autism Spectrum Disorders

in coordination with:

Special Mother’s Day Give Back –

Diamonds for a Difference – For every loose diamond purchased at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, we donate $100 to a rotating, local charity. All donations are made in bulk, quarterly each year. For a diamond to be eligible for the Diamonds for a Difference program, the diamond must be sold at $5,000 or more. The donation amount and receiving charity can be changed and modified at the sole discretion of Richter & Phillips Jewelers at any time, without notice.

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