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We are Buying! Learn More Here

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As a historic business in Cincinnati, community means everything to us. Without our great city, our business would not have succeeded for the past 124 years.

Diamonds for a Difference is our newest way of giving back to Cincinnati!

For every loose diamond sold in our shop, $100 is donated to local charity. To ensure we spread the love, we partner with a new charity every 4 months, letting us assist in multiple efforts near and dear to our hearts.


Why did we choose loose diamonds?

Loose diamonds are most often purchased as a gift, and, most often, for an engagement ring. It’s a gift of love! So, why not make purchasing a diamond from us feel even sweeter? Your diamond purchase is going straight back into helping our community!


This month your diamond purchase supports


Diamonds for a Difference – For every loose diamond purchased at Richter & Phillips Jewelers, we donate $100 to a rotating, local charity. All donations are made in bulk, quarterly each year. For a diamond to be eligible for the Diamonds for a Difference program, the diamond must be sold at $5,000 or more. The donation amount and receiving charity can be changed and modified at the sole discretion of Richter & Phillips Jewelers at any time, without notice.

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