Ladies Night 2022

Regency & Regalia

Two women in costumes posing in front of a backdrop with flowers and

Dearest Reader…

If a picture is worth a a thousand words, then our Ladies Night unfolded like the next great Regency romance novel, billowing with enchanting scenery and piled with dramatic regalia. Enjoy our Ladies Night gallery filled to the brim with smiling faces and memorable moments.

The Fehrington’s A-Fehr was a night to remember… and in the spirit of remembrance, be sure to save the date. For the second of November is said to hold the grandest party of 2023 – an evening you won’t want to miss. Afterall, we like large parties. They’re so…intimate.

Our most luxurious evening of the year could not have been made possible without the teamwork of our lovely partners:

Event Installation / Planning Implementation: The Social Collective | Fresh Florals in Upstairs Showroom: Emily Rose Florist | Pipe & Drape: Fitz the Occasion | Lighting: Party Pleasers | Vintage rentals: Dahlia Vintage | Violinist: Evin Blomberg, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra | Evening Emcee: Mollie Watson | Chandelier installation: Daisy Jane’s