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In February 1926, Hans Wilsdorf  had the trademark “The Tudor” registered and started making watches bearing that signature on the dial. Just after the Second World War, Hans Wilsdorf knew that the time had come to expand and give the brand a proper identity of its own. On 6 March 1946, he created “Montres TUDOR S.A.”, specialising in models for both men and women. Rolex would guarantee the technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics, along with the distribution and after-sales service.

TUDOR History


“For some years now, I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that would attain the standard of dependability for which Rolex is famous. I decided to form a separate company, with the object of making and marketing this new watch. It is called the TUDOR watch company. “

H. Wilsdorf

Featured from TUDOR


Black Bay Chrono S&G

Manufacture Calibre MT5813 (COSC)
41 mm steel case
Steel and yellow gold bracelet


Black Bay GMT

Manufacture Calibre MT5652 (COSC)
41 mm steel case

Steel bracelet


Black Bay

Manufacture Calibre MT5602 (COSC)
41 mm steel case
Aged leather strap


The Traditional Art of Handcraftsmanship

A TUDOR watch lives. Pulsates. It will take you into the world of micro-precision. The high technology in all components is relentlessly tested to the smallest detail… to the point of obsession. Examine the movement. Aesthetics and performance for the most demanding of products, designed for endurance as much as pleasure. Pleasing to the eye and exciting to the mind, this precision mechanism will withstand the rigours of time. Exceptional materials, durability and strength of design make each watch a unique object.

Explore the TUDOR Watch Collection


Black Bay Chrono

Manufacture Calibre MT5813 (COSC)
41 mm steel case
Steel bracelet


Pelagos FXD

Manufacture Calibre MT5602 (COSC)
Bidirectional rotating bezel
Navy blue fabric strap + Complimentary strap


Black Bay Bronze

Manufacture Calibre MT5601 (COSC)
43 mm bronze case
Black leather strap

Black Bay Bronze

The bronze is a material whose appearance evolves over time, so all the manufacturing operations of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight Bronze model are carried out with meticulous care by our highly skilled craftsmen and watchmakers in our workshops in Geneva, Switzerland.

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