Our Picks for Holiday 2020

Holiday Must Haves

Our Favorite Holiday Staples for 2020

It’s our favorite time of year, shimmery gold & jewel-toned season.

As autumn falls into full swing and the holiday season looms ahead, fashion bursts at the seams with new looks, trends, and seasonal staples. This year is an exciting time for jewelry lovers as statement pieces have taken center stage. From deep hues of gold and jewel tones to personalization and texture, fall and winter of 2020 has not disappointed.

What are our must-haves as we venture into the holiday season? Glad you asked…

1. Yellow Gold

While yellow gold has been making a comeback for years, the rich tones of glowing gold serve as a calling for layers and layers of shimmering yellow hues.

Yellow gold jewelry immediately elevates your look, bringing a touch of elegance and sophistication. Luxurious in style and complimentary to every complexion, yellow gold is a fabulous investment for your holiday wardrobe because this classic color isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Get you some gold, girl:

2. Chains

When it comes to an everyday staple this winter, chains have you covered. From dainty layers of polished chains to bulky hammered statement pieces, pop one of these beauties on and your look goes from bleak to chic.

Oversized chains are simple to grab and go, making them the perfect shiny statement piece. Want to feel warm and cozy at your desk in a big knit sweater? Add a chunky gold chain and boom… fashion.

Paperclip chains are also making an appearance. Perfectly darling at a choker length, or fierce as an extra-long chain doubled up, get them chunky and polished or dainty and shimmery, layer them up or rock it solo, paperclip chains are everywhere and, quite frankly, we can’t get enough of them.

Layer on the look:

3. Personalized Charm Necklaces

Seeking individuality is at an all-time high, bleeding into every aspect of our lives from DIY home projects to customizing your clothes (raise your hand if you tye-dyed this summer?) On top of personalization, aren’t we all feeling a bit nostalgic? It’s no surprise that these sentiments are seeping into the way we accessorize.

So, two words: CHARM. NECKLACE. Especially on trend with the paperclip chain, charm necklaces are a great self-gift that keeps on giving. From initial charms representing your family to abstract nods to personal milestones, charm necklaces are easy, affordable ways to curate your own personal style… not to mention look extra chic when layered.

Make it personal:

4. Stackables

You’ll want to stack up on sparkling collaborative pieces this holiday season!  Stackable rings and bracelets are the perfect way to mix metals, add color, and customize your look everyday.

When you have a jewelry box full of stackable pieces, you open a world of possibilities ensuring your vibe stays fresh. The stacked look is here to stay well into the approaching holiday season and the winter months of 2021.

Start your Stack:

5. Big, Gorgeous Gemstones

Finally, the good-good. The really delicious candy of Christmas… large, chunky, lush, gemstones. We are obsessing so hard over these statement pieces.

Playing off of individuality, at Richter & Phillips we have our own, growing collection of unique, one-of-a-kind statement gemstones pieces… literally meaning there is only one of each available. Meant to be mixed and matched and layered, these genuine gemstone pieces are our favorite holiday accessory.

Our newest love? Stackable gemstone rings. Each crafted with love by our own design expert, Gina, these bold pieces are the perfect way to add a ravishing pop of color to any fall or holiday ensemble.

Try these on for size:


6. Delicate Diamonds

As glittery as the lights from a glowing Christmas tree, delicate diamonds are the perfect sparkle for holiday celebrations.  From stacks of delicate diamonds on your arm to Diamonds by the Yard dripping down your neck, the subtle way diamonds hit the light is enough to make anyone feel cheerful & bright!

Add a little sparkle:

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